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Human Metabolic & Molecular Research Laboratory

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Dr. Cydne Perry is an Assistant Professor and Research Scientist in the Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences. Her research program seeks to elucidate metabolic and molecular signatures that are distinct to diverse and at-risk human populations (e.g. older adults, pregnant and lactating women). These signatures in turn serve as targets for the development of therapeutic dietary patterns and nutrient intake recommendations that enhance the life span and promote health and well-being. Research projects in Dr. Perry's program employ controlled-feeding dietary interventions and systems-biology approaches in humans and rodents. Her team's most recent efforts have demonstrated that the DASH diet with daily lean meat intake positively influences body composition and maintains muscular fitness in older adults. Other areas of research include aging nutrition, sarcopenia, obesity and lipid molecules associated with diabetes in pregnant and lactating women. 

Areas of Focus/Current Research Projects

Those that work with Dr. Perry can expect to gain experience in the process of research which includes: (i) project design, (ii) implementation, (iii) completion of thesis/dissertation (graduate research assistants), and (iv) manuscript preparation and submission. Current projects include the following:

  • Characterizing the relationship between total plasma ceramide and ceramide subspecies in pregnant and lactating women.
  • The effect of habitual beef intake as part of the DASH diet on indices of muscular fitness in adults 65 and older.
  • Longitudinal effects of the DASH diet on metabolic health in obese older adults.
  • The effect of the DASH diet on muscular and metabolic health in adults 65 and older.
  • Assessing ceramide and mapping the metabolome in older adults consuming the DASH diet.

Getting Involved

Do you want to join the team? Apply through the link on the Graduate School and indicate your interest in working with Cydne. Funded graduate students work between 10-20 hours and receive a monthly stipend in addition to tuition remission.

If you’re an undergraduate student interested in gaining research experience, please contact us for potential volunteer opportunities.

Read more about Dr. Cydne Perry here: