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Acceptance Updates

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Class Size

The SDSU NDI can accept up to 15 interns each year.  Up to 8 interns can be accepted during the preselect process.  The SDSU NDI participates in the Spring Computer Match Process and follows the D&D Digital matching calendar for due dates.


2016 – The SDSU NDI selected 8 applicants during the preselect process.

2017 – The SDSU NDI selected 3 applicants during the preselect process.

Spring Match

2016 – The SDSU NDI was matched with 7 applicants during the 1st round of the Spring D&D Computer Match. (no remaining openings)

2017- The SDSU NDI was matched with 7 applicants during the 1st round of the Spring D&D Computer Match.  All remaining slots during the 2nd Round Selection period have been filled.

Second Round Match Procedures for 2017 

  • Applications will only be accepted through DICAS.  Interested applicants can add the South Dakota State University Nutrition & Dietetics Internship (SDSU NDI) to their “Program Designations” in DICAS.
  • SDSU Graduate School Applications are NOT required at this time.  Graduate School Applications are required only AFTER an intern has been selected.
  • If your GRE score is not listed on your DICAS application or you don’t have a GRE score, you are not required to have a GRE score for the 2nd Round Selection Process at the time of application.  Due to the very short timeline for application acceptance for the 2nd Round, we understand that obtaining a GRE score may not be feasible.  If selected into the NDI program, a GRE score may be requested at a later date if deemed necessary.
  • The DUE DATE for DICAS application program designations to the SDSU NDI is by noon (CST) on Saturday, April 8th.  Note:  DICAS application acceptance status for the second round won’t be open for our program until noon on Thursday, April 6th.
  • Applicants will be notified of the decision via email prior to 5 pm on Thursday, April 13th.
  • If accepted into the SDSU NDI, applicants must respond to the notification email of their agreement to “accept” or “decline” the SDSU NDI offer by midnight (CST) on Thursday, April 13th.
  • An announcement posting the program as “closed” or “still open” will be posted on the NDI website by noon (CST) on Friday, April 14th.
  • Additional instructions and deadlines if the program is “still open” after April 14th will also be posted.

Please contact the Program Director, or 605-688-6619 with any questions about the program or application process.