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Certified Seed: "It Doesn't Cost; It Pays"



  • The preceding list of seed growers includes only those whose fields are planted with Foundation or Registered seed and who have made application for certification and have passed all inspections to date.
  • Certification can be completed only after the seed from these approved fields has passed all certification tests and standards. Final certification will depend on a satisfactory laboratory analysis of the conditioned (cleaned) seed lot.
  • The growers listed will, therefore, only accept tentative orders that will be filled if seed is finally certified, which fact will be designated by the certification tag or bulk transfer certificate. Seed offered for sale without this documentation CANNOT be considered Certified Seed.
  • The South Dakota Crop Improvement Association and Seed Certification Service are not marketing organizations; hence, inquiries for seed should be sent directly to growers listed.
  • Neither the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association nor the Certification Service assumes any financial responsibility regarding seed listed, although every attempt has been made to insure high quality seed which conforms to the certification standards.
  • Please report any irregularities.

Professionally grown Certified Seed typically produces higher yields than farmer-saved seed, which means higher net returns for the producer. Purchasing New Certified Seed each year will ensure that the producer is getting the highest quality seed available. In addition to being field inspected, conditioned by approved professionals, and laboratory tested, the Certified Seed Label is proof that the seed has met all of the standards set forth by the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association.