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My Favorite Memory

My Favorite Memory: Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium. “Statesmen Reunion October 22, 2016. Sang our Alma Mater AND National Anthem with The Pride on the field. Jacks beat Youngstown State!” – Tom Nelson  “Beating NDSU and keeping the Dakota Marker at home in 2017.” – Kimberly Eck  “The fly over at College GameDay.” – Zach Lehmann  “When we started a snowball fight during a December home game at halftime.” – Sami Gortmaker
My Favorite Memory: University Student Union. “Hobo Day Committee Spring Retreat!” – Miranda Orth O’Bryan  “I met my best friend in The Union!” – Hannah Dargatz  “I met my husband in The Union.” – Olivia Lefers  “Chick-fil-A is my favorite memory.” – Matthew Jens Volquardsen
My Favorite Memory: The Wellness Center. “Being with my personal training clients, teaching group fitness classes and OWNING the punching bag.” – Maggie Kringen
My Favorite Memory: The Classroom. “Econ 101 in 1981. Tough class. Thanks to a guy named Kevin for sharing his notes.” – Valerie Bugni