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Graduate Student Professional Development Program

The South Dakota State University Graduate School, in cooperation with other SDSU departments, will provide graduate students with a variety of professional development opportunities centered around six core competencies:

Communication, Teaching, Wellness, Research, Career Development and Leadership

Graduate students will have an opportunity to gain recognition for their participation in the program in the form of a professional development certificate. Certificates will highlight important transferable skills in each of the core competencies, which will be appealing to current and future employers. The goal of this program is to assist graduate students in developing skills that can be utilized for both academic and nonacademic career paths.

In order to receive a professional development certificate, graduate students must participate in at least one workshop for each competency and complete the mandatory Self Advocacy workshop, for a total of seven workshops. A short evaluation component will also need to be completed for each workshop attended. Written evaluations must be submitted to D2L (Graduate Student Professional Development Series sandbox) by the second Friday in April. Distance students may also participate by viewing recorded workshops and related information posted on D2L. Interested students who do not have access to the dropbox should alert the Graduate School to obtain access –

At the end of each spring semester, graduate students who have completed program requirements will receive the professional development certificate at a formal graduate student recognition event sponsored by the Graduate School.

A list of all Professional Development workshops with corresponding categories can be found on the Graduate School events page