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Graduate School Newsletter - September 2022

Save the Date for One Day for STATE 

Graduate School Office Staff

One Day for STATE is more than a 24-hour day of giving. It’s a chance for Jackrabbits and friends to celebrate everything we love about SDSU. This year you have the option to target your donation directly to the Graduate School. These funds will be used to directly support SDSU graduate students. Sign up to be an advocate TODAY and set your clocks for Thursday, September 8, 2022! Visit for more information!

Graduate School Spotlight

Logan Cutler

A Wisconsin native, Logan Cutler began his academic career in his home state where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences; however, it wasn’t long before he was reeled into the SDSU family when his undergrad advisor connected him with Dr. Alison Coulter, an Assistant Professor in the Natural Resource Management (NRM) department. With a background in wetlands and soil science, Logan’s interest in wetland habitats was a perfect fit for the need of research in the Lake Kampeska area. He quickly got involved with Dr. Coulter and South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks to develop his graduate research project that focuses on understanding how walleye use wetland habitats in order to improve the management of walleye in SD for his master’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries with a specialization in Fisheries Sciences.

During his graduate career and research, Logan has gained invaluable experiences and training in problem solving, creativity and technical skills. One of the biggest challenges during his research has been to maintain gear while in the field, oftentimes leading him to repair and modify equipment to meet the needs of his goals and research. It has also been a challenge at times for him to locate and capture walleye and other fish, who like to change their habitat use.

However, Logan’s perseverance and dedication to his craft has been rewarding. He has received many awards, but the one he is most proud of is the John E. Skinner Memorial Award, which he received at the American Fisheries Society Conference this year in Spokane, Washington. It is awarded to only 10 fisheries students each year, so it’s a prestigious award that he is honored to receive among current and past awardees, including many who are SDSU alumni. Furthermore, the professional conferences he has attended have also provided many opportunities for him to connect with other professionals in the field that have been a part of and/or know the outstanding reputation of the SDSU NRM department.

Another reward Logan has received through his research is the gift of teaching. Logan has involved nine undergraduate and eight graduate students in various parts of his research. He has also been a teaching assistant for the NRM department for 2 classes, Natural Resource Management Techniques and Principles of Fisheries Management, over the past two summers. Both experiences have given him the opportunity to “pay it forward, share what I’ve learned, and get others excited about fisheries work” as well as learn from different student experiences and perspectives.

Looking toward the future, Logan is excited to take all he has learned at SDSU about how to run a research project, from organizing fieldwork to publication, into his future career as a fish biologist.

Professional Development Program (PDP) Spotlight – Wellness

Each month, we will highlight 1 of the competency areas and its modules in the PDP. For more information, check out the PDP on D2L or email

The wellness competency area is full of opportunities for students to grow in their understanding of wellness topics and develop important skills that relate to the whole person, both in and out of the classroom.

Below is a quick summary of each permanent module, how it’s offered, and how it can benefit you!

Federal Loan Repayment (online, available anytime)

  • Look at real numbers under different repayment programs through the student aid government website to see and evaluate the best program for you in the future.

Mental Health First Aid Training (online, scheduled)

  • Will be offered multiple times throughout the year with either a focus on adult or youth mental health.
  • While this module requires some extra time to complete, you not only get to walk away with valuable knowledge and skillsets but an additional certificate in Mental Health First Aid.

Creating a Budget/Dealing with Inflation (online, available anytime)

  • Use real numbers to complete a budget, calculate how much inflation is really impacting you and learn how to cut expenses.

Adult Learning and Time Management (online, available anytime)

  • Learn specific, practical tips about how to organize your time under these circumstances.

Workforce Development Training (online, available anytime)

  • A thoughtful collection of trainings to help students learn about many topics related to being in the workforce, such as managing technology and remote work in the workplace, conflict resolution, and understanding benefits.
  • Also, you can receive an additional certificate for each of the workforce development modules you complete!

Don’t Forget to Check Out These Live Events!

  • CPR, AED, First Aid Training – Miller Wellness Center (Wellness Module) – Sept. 6 and 21, 2022 (Registration closes 1 week prior to class)
  • Say Yes – A Liturgy of Not Giving Up on Yourself (Wellness Module) – September 15, 2022
  • Daschle Dialogues (Communication Module) – September 25, 2022
  • How to Promote Grit and Resilience in Youth (Teaching Module) – September 28, 2022
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid Training (Wellness Module) – September 29, 2022
  • Understanding Your Clifton Strengths (Leadership Module) – October 12, 2022 (Registration Due September 30) *Use discount code SDSU50 to only pay $50.00!  (regular price $150.00)
  • How to Navigate Non-Suicidal Self Injury with Youth (Teaching Module) – November 16, 2022

For more details, go to the Graduate Student Professional Development Series on D2L, and look under “Other Events – Topics Vary”

Upcoming Events

Graduate School: Dessert & Dialogue – Professional Development Program

     Tuesday, September 20, 2022 12-1 p.m. CST

Lewis and Clark Room – Student Union OR zoom (

Join the Graduate School staff to learn more about the Graduate School’s newly revamped Professional Development Certificate. Bring a lunch, and we will provide dessert!


Graduate School Orientation 

Available via D2L 

Orientation will be available via D2L and accessible to all graduate students. The orientation will cover the basics of graduate school, current policies and procedures that impact students and professional development opportunities as well as highlighting other campus resources. Orientation is not required, but will be accessible all year for students to access. 

Important Upcoming Dates:

September 1, 2022 – Add/drop date

September 5, 2022 - Labor Day (Graduate Office Closed)

September 23, 2022 - Graduation Application Due

Other Announcements:

Volunteers Needed!

SDSU is looking for graduate student volunteers to serve on University committees! This is a great opportunity to get involved in decision making and bolster your resume. There are currently three committees (listed below) that require graduate student volunteers. If interested, please contact Anna Shane ( with your contact information and which committee you are interested in serving on.

  • (2) Academic Appeals Committee
  • (2) Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Committee (1 of the 2 students MUST be a PhD student)
  • International Affairs Committee (must be an international graduate student)

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Internships, Fellowship & Scholarship Opportunities


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