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Graduate School Newsletter - December 2022

Graduate School Spotlight

Every school year brings with it fresh and exciting opportunities for faculty and students to grow and share in exploration and discovery of new information, techniques, and research that has the potential to change the world around them. This year, the inaugural master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences class is off to a good start in these pursuits, both personally and professionally. With only 5 students in the first class, it is a small but mighty group of people from around the world that have come together to create positive change in pharmaceutical sciences and the people the program can impact.

Sunitha Jada
Sunitha Jada

Sunitha Jada is one such student from Hyderabad, India. Her ambition to pursue her masters and goals to be a “daring woman” and make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry in drug development, specifically with a focus on tuberculosis and nano particles for her research project, motivated her to make the sacrifice of moving away from her husband and two children for two years to be a member of SDSU’s premier pharmaceutical studies program. In her first semester, she has already begun to adapt to the United States’ education system and culture and is thankful for the encouragement of her professors and classmates as she continues to improve her communication skills, learn new techniques, and develop new perspectives in her field.

Saniia Shchinar
Saniia Shchinar

Similarly, Saniia Shchinar, who was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, is finishing up her first semester here at SDSU with a focus on drug delivery systems, an area she hopes to make contributions to as patient needs evolve. Saniia describes the Pharmaceutical Sciences program as one that has “brought together the best specialists, [and] professors [who] are willing to help and support every student” by focusing on “development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

Her final words summarize the impact of faculty and students here at SDSU: “Everything in our life happens for some reason. Being a 5-year-old kid, I dreamt about being helpful for people, doing something valuable in my life. Today I am here, and thanks to SDSU for believing in me and giving me this opportunity!”

The SDSU Graduate School is excited to see where these two ladies and the rest of the program’s students go from here in the years to come!

Awards and Scholarships

SDSU Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

Nominations must be submitted electronically. Deadline:December 15, 2022.

Please review the evaluation criteria and video submission instructions.

Three Minute Thesis Competition

This year’s 3MT competition will be held in the Lewis and Clark Room, Student Union, on February 9, 2023 at 5pm. We encourage all graduate students to participate. Interested students must register no later than Friday, February 3, 2023. More detailed information will be sent out to registered students after that date.

For more specific details about the competition, view the 3MT PowerPoint.

SDSU Distinguished Dissertation Award

More Information. Deadline: April 13, 2023

Submit a nomination.

Professional Development Spotlight: Leadership

The leadership competency area is full of opportunities for students to grow in their understanding different leadership styles and techniques and learn more about how to apply individual strengths in leadership development. Below is a quick summary of each permanent module, how it’s offered, and how it can benefit you!

  • Watch a short video (13:54) to learn more about the importance of stories in fostering leadership
  • Practice building a narrative to share in a professional setting that will help you stand out and inspire
  • Watch a video (17:48), learn about the “golden circle”, a leadership model that has been utilized by great leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Apple
  • Create a short proposal utilizing this model to uniquely and purposefully promote a product, service, research, or yourself
  • We read, watch, listen, and speak about leadership all the time, but how can we summarize it to share in an interview or to formulate personal and professional conclusions about this important topic?
  • Take the time to put your thoughts on paper, which will help you prepare for the next time someone asks you “what is leadership?”
  • Knowing your strengths is the first step in knowing what type of leader you are and can be.
  • Take this free test to identify your top five strengths and apply to practical situations in your personal and professional lives.

If you attend an event on or off campus that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate or learn about leadership, submit an Event Participation Form to earn module credit for your participation!

If you have any questions about any of the wellness modules or the professional development program in general, please reach out to Kerry McDowell.

Wednesday, January 25th 11am-1pm CST

The Graduate School, in partnership with the SDSU graduate programs, will be hosting a virtual graduate fair open to all prospective graduate students. Whether you're just weighing your options about attending graduate school or trying to find the perfect graduate program for you, plan to attend the virtual fair and speak to department representatives who can answer your questions and determine if SDSU is the right fit for you. A web link to the fair with a listing of all participating programs will be available in late December/early January.

The symposium included pre-conference workshops, oral presentations, poster presentations, student job fair, and keynote addresses.

The South Dakota State University Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts Data Science Symposium on the SDSU campus annually. The symposium brings together hundreds of people from various backgrounds providing a mix of academic and industrial learning opportunities to the region. All participants can expect to gain a larger perspective of data science through connecting the education, research, and use cases in the industry. By attending, you can expand your knowledge, share your experiences, and develop relationships with students, faculty, and companies. Business leaders, recruiters, Professionals, and Practitioners will have the opportunity to promote their business, recruit talent, and receive training.


We are excited to announce that we have opened submission for talks and posters for the 2023 SDSU Data Science Symposium which takes place Feb 6-7, 2023 on the SDSU campus. Students, faculty, and industry representatives can submit their proposals on the conference website.


We are excited to announce that we have been able to secure funding for travel reimbursement for faculty and student participants for the 2023 SDSU Data Science Symposium. This is thanks to our many generous sponsors.

Limited travel reimbursements of at most $200 per person are available to students and faculty to attend the symposium. A faculty advisor/mentor should contact Dr. Semhar Michael for further information. Application deadline is 12/16. Priority will be given to students.

Undergraduate student attendees or Graduate student/faculty attendees presenting a poster or oral presentation. The abstract must be submitted before the deadline and accepted.

Several of our generous sponsors will be available for recruiting students for internships and permanent positions. Many are recruiting for several positions. This is a unique opportunity to network with the hiring managers and executives of some of our best regional employers.

Other Announcements


The resident scholar is a full-time graduate student who resides within the Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter facility to provide chapter members with daily mentoring. Resident scholars focus their efforts on helping members manage the transition from high school to college, mentoring the chapter’s executive officers, and facilitating high academic achievement through scholastic programming.


Full room & Board in the chapter facility Silver flex meal plan (Fall & Spring)


If you have questions, please contact Nate Bylander, Chapter Advisor


EST. VALUE.......$7,006

EST. VALUE.......$3,186


Any current full-time SDSU graduate student Fraternity or sorority experience NOT required

Important Upcoming Dates

  • December 7, 2022 - Thesis/Dissertation Deposited to the Graduate School
  • December 14, 2022 - Capstone Component Completion and Official Fall 2022 Graduation Date
  • January 2023 - Official Transcripts Available

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