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GSCE People

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Graduate Students

Former Personnel and Students

Former Personnel
Name Position Supervisor Start Date End Date Destination after GSCE 
Ju, JunchangAssistant Research Professor Roy 08/01/0607/21/11Senior Scientific Programmer, NOAA/NESDIS, Camp Springs, MD 
Alemu, Woubet G.Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Geoffrey Henebry   I am searching a postdoctoral position 
Amatulli, GiuseppePostdoctoral Fellow Roy 06/12/1204/26/13Yale, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 
Amatya, SadichyaGeospatial Research Assistant Henebry 07/01/1206/22/14Private Sector 
An, ShuaiGeospatial Analyst     
Asante, KwabenaAdjunct Professor USGS 03/07/0703/06/08Independent Consultant for Climatus, LLC-Mountain View, CA 
Baer, Adam Geospatial Analyst Cochrane 06/01/0611/16/10Private Sector 
Barber, ChristopherPostdoctoral Fellow Cochrane    
Bierschbach, VickiSenior Secretary Henebry 08/12/1309/15/15Private Sector 
Chang, JiyulPostdoctoral Fellow Hansen 06/06/0605/21/09SDSU-Plant Science - Research Assoc. II 
Cochrane, MarkProfessor     
Davis, JustinPostdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 01/06/1601/06/16 
Dawn NekorchukPostdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 07/24/1707/24/17 
de Beurs, KirstenPostdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/03/0608/31/06Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin 
Dosch, AdamComputer and Information Research Scientist  04/13/1508/23/18 
Doubkova, MarcelaGeospatial Analyst Henebry 08/14/0603/16/07Geospatial Analyst, Technical University of Vienna, Austria 
Egorov, AlexeyGeospatial Analyst  05/07/0905/07/09 
Francis DwomohPostdoctoral Fellow Dr. Michael Wimberly    
Freeborn, PatrickPostdoctoral Fellow Cochrane   USFS Fire Lab - Missoula 
Gallant, Alisa L.Adjunct Professor     
Getinet, AkliluVisiting Scientist     
Giacomo, PaollaGeospatial Analyst Wimberly    
Hanan, Niall PProfessor    NMSU 
Hansen, MatthewFounding Co-Director Provost 07/18/0408/21/11Professor, University of Maryland, Dept of Geographical Sciences 
Henebry, Geoffrey M.former Co-Director and Senior Scientist  07/01/0508/22/18Michigan State University 
Jayavelu, SenthilnathPostdoctoral Fellow Dr. Xiaoyang Zhang 02/19/1511/18/16 
Kaptue, ArmelPostdoctoral Fellow Hanan    
Kelgenbaeva, KamilyaPostdoctoral Fellow Henebry 12/01/1512/01/15 
Kelley, MelaineSenior Secretary  06/22/1606/21/17Private Sector 
Khand, KulResearch Assistant  05/06/1605/06/16 
Kommareddy, Anil Computer and Information Research Scientist Henebry 11/01/0506/15/15University of Maryland-College Park 
Kommareddy, Indrani Research Associate II Roy   University of Maryland-College Park 
Kovalskyy, ValeriyAssistant Research Professor Roy    
Krehbiel, ColeGeospatial Analyst Henebry 11/23/1504/22/16EROS Data Center 
Lamsal, AashisGeospatial Analyst Wimberly 06/22/1106/21/14Geospatial Applications Developer at the US Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center, Utah 
Li, JianPostdoctoral Fellow David, Roy    
Li, ZhePostdoctoral Fellow Hansen 07/09/0706/05/08Post-Doctoral Fellow, East-West Center, Honolulu, HI 
Liu, LinglingPostdoctoral Fellow Xiaoyang Zhang 09/01/1409/01/14 
Liu, ShuguangAdjunct Professor    Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha, Hunan, China 
Liu, Zhihua Postdoctoral Fellow     
Loveland, Thomas R.Co-Director     
McIntyre, Nancy Visiting Research Scientist Sabbatical leave 09/01/1112/15/11Associate Professor, Texas Tech University, Dept of Biological Sciences 
Merkord, ChristopherPostdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 08/11/1408/04/17Minnesota State University - Moorhead 
Muss, JordanPostdoctoral Fellow Henebry 06/22/1105/21/13Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Numata, IzayaAssistant Research Professor     
Owusu, GeorgeVisiting Scientist Wimberly 01/27/1605/26/16University of Ghana 
Pack, BeckySenior Secretary  09/22/1504/29/16 
Pittman, KyleGeospatial Analyst Hansen 05/02/0505/21/13Computer Services Consultant, Durham, NC, USA 
Potapov, PeterAssistant Research Professor Hansen 03/01/0608/19/11Research Associate Professor, University Of Maryland, Dept of Geographical Sciences 
Prihodko, LaraAssistant Research Professor     
Prouty, MarciaSenior Secretary Hansen/Henebry 11/24/0807/18/13Private Sector 
Putra, IndraPostdoctoral Fellow Cochrane    
Qin, YuchuPostdoctoral Fellow Roy 03/22/1108/30/13Further Graduate Studies in Sweden 
Rasmus HouborgSenior Scientist     
Roy, DavidProfessor     
Salas, Eric Ariel L. Postdoctoral Fellow Henebry 09/01/0608/01/14New Mexico State University 
Sathyachandran, Sanath Kumar Postdoctoral Fellow Roy   New Mexico State University 
Senay, GabrielAdjunct Professor Henebry 09/01/0507/01/15USGS Ft. Collins Science Center 
Shuqing ZhaoVisiting Scientist  05/09/1605/09/16 
Sudhagoni, RamuPostdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 08/03/1203/07/13Private Sector 
Swartos, AshleyGeospatial Analyst Cochrane    
Tomaszewska, MonikaVisiting Research Scientist Henebry 06/22/1312/21/13Geospatial Analyst, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw, Poland 
Tulbure, MirelaPostdoctoral Fellow Wimberly 09/02/0812/17/10Assistant Professor, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia 
Vogelmann, James E.Adjunct Professor     
Walker, JessicaPostdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/01/1206/22/14USGS Mendenhall Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Tucson, AZ 
Wang, XiaoleiPostdoctoral Fellow Henebry 01/10/0801/08/09Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Oklahoma 
Wimberly, MichaelProfessor     
Wright, ChristopherAssistant Research Professor Henebry 08/01/0803/01/15University of Minnesota - Duluth 
Xu, JunfengVisiting Scientist     
Yan, DongPostdoctoral Fellow     
Yan, LinAssistant Research Professor     
Yeom, Jong-MinPostdoctoral Fellow Roy 09/30/0908/21/10Research Scientist, Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), South Korea 
Zhang, ChunsunAssociate Professor Hansen 11/15/0511/20/09Research Scientist, University of Melbourne, Australia 
Zheng, Baojuan Postdoctoral Fellow Geoffrey Henebry    
Zhu, Zhi-LiangAdjunct Professor USGS 01/08/0412/31/06USGS - Reston, VA
Former Students
Name Level Dissertation/Thesis Title Supervisor Employment Start Date Graduation Date Destination After Graduation 
Alemu, HenokPh.D.Contemporary Evapotranspiration Changes and Drivers in the Nile Basin Senay, Gabriel 08/24/15Private Sector 
Alemu, Woubet G. Ph.D.Land Surface Phenologies and Seasonalities Using Earthlight: A Comparison between Tropical and Temperate Croplands, and Its Application for Agricultural Crop Productivity Assessment Henebry, Geoffrey M.08/22/1102/22/17 
Arnold, SarahM.S.Changing Fire Return Intervals in Southern California Cochrane, Mark02/12/0802/18/09Private Sector 
Axelsson, ChristofferPh.D. Hanan, Niall P   
Barber, ChristopherPh.D.Efficacy of forested protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon. Cochrane, Mark01/27/0708/24/12Post-Doctoral Fellow at GSCE 
Barnes, Christopher A. Ph.D.United States Land Cover Land Use Change, Albedo and Radiative Forcing: Past and Potential Climate Implications Roy, David01/16/0712/17/10Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Barreto de Andrade, RafaelPh.D.Fire disturbance and diversity and composition of Sacarabeinae beetles in the Brazilian Amazon. Cochrane, Mark01/07/0808/24/12Scarabaeoidea Neotropica, Biological Sciences, Zoological Institute, Federal University At Mato Grosso, Brazil 
Boyte, StephenM.S.Wildfire regimes and landscape dynamics in the Black Hills, USA Wimberly, Michael05/09/0712/18/09Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Broich, MarkPh.D.Advancing the Quantification of Humid Tropical Forest Cover Loss with Multi-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Data: Sampling and Wall-to-Wall Mapping Hansen, Matthew08/01/0612/17/10Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 
Bwangoy-Bankanza, Jean-Robert B. Ph.D.Mapping the flooded forest of the Congo Basin using multisource and multiresolution data. Hansen, Matthew03/10/0605/03/13Local Project Mgr. - Wildlife Works - Mai Ndombe REDDt in DRC 
Case, Adam M.S.Forest Characterization Using Multi-Resolution Satellite Data and In Situ Measurements of Chequamegon National Forest in Wisconsin Hansen, Matthew06/05/0612/21/07Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Cooper, SamM.S.     
Dieye, Amadou M. Ph.D.Land cover land use change and soil organic carbon under climate variability in the semi-arid West African Sahel (1960-2050) Roy, David06/24/0603/24/16Centre de Suivi Ecologique (Ecological monitoring Center), Dakar, Senegal 
Dwomoh, Francis Kwabena Ph.D. Wimberly, Michael   
Friesz, AaronM.S.Effects of Bird Community Structure on West Nile Virus Incidence in Northern Great Plains Wimberly, Michael08/31/1008/24/12Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Ganapathy, NarayanaPh.D.Influences of forest toads on the spatial pattern of modern wildfire regimes in the East Cascades of Washington State Wimberly, Michael05/19/0612/16/11Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Montana 
Giree, NamitaM.S.Quantifying Forest Cover Loss in Malaysia from 1990 to 2005: Comparisons with Contemporaneous Change in Indonesia Hansen, Matthew08/21/0912/16/11Research Assistant at GSCE 
Helder, Benjamin M.S.Characterizing Maize and Soy Senescence by Divergence of Multiple Spectral Indices Henebry, Geoffrey M.04/01/0908/24/12Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Hess, AndreaPh.D. Wimberly, Michael   
Homer, Collin Gordon Ph.D.Developing a remote sensing monitoring framework for the Sagerush Steppe ecosystem in Wyoming. Loveland, Thomas R.08/01/1112/18/13Project Manager, USGS/EROS 
Kahiu, Njoki Ph.D. Hanan, Niall P   
Kaskie, KyleM.S. Wimberly, Michael   
Kovalskyy, ValeriyPh.D.An Event Driven Phenology Model: Development and Valication Henebry, Geoffrey M.01/08/0608/26/11Post-Doctoral Fellow at GSCE 
Krehbiel, ColeM.S.Impacts of urban areas on vegetation development along rural-urban gradients in the Upper Midwest: 2003-2012 Henebry, Geoffrey M.01/06/1411/19/15Remote Sensing Scientist, Innovate!, Inc., Contractor to the USGS/EROS 
Lamsal, AashisM.S.Evaluating Geospatial Visualization Methods for West Nile Virus Risk Mapping Wimberly, Michael01/04/0908/26/11Geospatial Analyst at GSCE 
Li, Zhengpeng Ph.D. Liu, Shuguang  Research Scientist, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland 
Lind, Brianna Ph.D. Hanan, Niall P   
Lindquist, Erik Ph.D. Hansen, Matthew  Forestry Officer, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization 
Mestre, LuizPh.D.Effects of wildfire on Amazonian bird communities Cochrane, Mark08/24/0708/28/11Professor - Universidade Federal Do Parana, Brazil 
Mfuka, ConfianceM.S.Characterizing Spectral Signatures for Forest Cover and Change Using Field Data: A Case-Study of Kimvula Territory in Democratic Republic of Congo from 2000-2010 Hansen, Matthew02/10/1112/18/13Research Assistant at SDSU, Plant Sciences 
Midekisa, AlemayehuPh.D.Integrating Multi-Sensor Satellite Data for Malaria Early Warning in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia Wimberly, Michael  Post-Doctoral Fellow at UC San Francisco 
Moran, ChristopherM.S.Mountain Pine Beetles, Mitigation Treatments, and Fire Behavior in Ponderosa Pine of the Black Hills, SD Cochrane, Mark01/10/1108/26/11Wildland Fire-Fighting, USFS 
Mosase, Esther      
Ndekelu, MarcellineM.S. Roy, David  Lecturer, University of Kinshasa, Agronomy Department, DRC 
Ochieng, Eugene ApindiM.S.A Medium Resolution Map of Africa Hansen, Matthew12/31/0905/11/07Spatial Analyst @ Spatial World - Kenya 
Pabst, KariM.S.Remote Sensing Applications for Classifying Burn Severity of Wildland Fires in the Grand Canyon, Arizona Cochrane, Mark01/05/0505/07/10Contract Scientist, USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 
Pervez, Shahriar Ph.D.Assessing the Impacts of Climate and Land Use and Land Cover Change on Freshwater Availability: Applications in the Ganges and the Brahmaputra River Basins Henebry, Geoffrey M.08/23/0707/21/14Senior Scientist at InuTeq, contractor to USGS/EROS 
Ramachandran, Bhaskar   Henebry, Geoffrey M.   
Salas, Eric Ariel L. Ph.D.Evaluation and application of a new shape-sensitive metric useful for characterizing both spectral curves and LiDAR waveforms Henebry, Geoffrey M.01/08/0605/19/14Post-Doctoral Fellow at New Mexico State University 
Samasse, KaboroPh.D. Hanan, Niall P08/18/15  
Sathyachandran, Sanath Kumar Ph.D.Fire type classification in the Brazilian Legal Amazon Roy, David01/04/0806/20/14Post-Doctoral Fellow at GSCE 
Sigdel Phuyal, MandiraM.S. Hanan, Niall P 12/11/15USGS, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC), Jamestown, ND 
Stoker, Jason   Roy, David  Physical Scientist, USGS Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. 
Swartos, AshleyM.S.Mapping Oil Palm Expansion in the Brazilian Amazon Cochrane, Mark 05/09/15Private Sector 
Velpuri, Naga ManoharPh.D.Satellite driven hydrologic modeling of ungauged lakes and reservoirs in East Africa Senay, Gabriel08/01/0705/04/12Post-Doctoral Fellowat USGS/EROS 
White, Emma Ph.D.Changing Arable Field and Farm Sizes of the Conterminous United States, A Decennial Assessment Roy, David 12/16/15GIS Consultant, UK