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Strategic Goals & Action Steps

Goal 1: Pursue academic excellence in the study of the changing Earth and its inhabitants through engaging, dynamic learning environments, and program development.

a. Employ academic rigor and promote student success through engaged teaching, learning, and advising.
b. Include students in faculty research and associated activities that involve and increase excellence in scholarly works.
c. Enable and inspire faculty, staff, and students to collaborate through partnerships within and external to the Department.
d. Graduate engaged citizens who contribute to the public good.
e. Foster the academic uniqueness of the Department.

Goal 2: Advance knowledge of the interrelationships of nature and society, develop innovative approaches with geospatial ideas and techniques, and apply sustainable solutions to complex problems from local to global scales.

a. Employ student and faculty expertise to produce scholarly works that serve the public good.
b. Exhibit the scholarly and creative impact of the Department.

Goal 3: Continue pursuing partnerships and collaborations with public and private actors.

a. Create strategic partnerships that mutually enhance the academic experience of learners, create career opportunities, and contribute to local to global community vitality and development.
b. Employ emerging technologies and institutional collaboration to provide undergraduate, graduate, professional, and continuing education centered on traditional and adult learners.
c. Promote the talents of students to achieve sustainable systems, to enrich cultural life, and lift the human spirit.
d. Create intentional, responsive, and sustainable outreach activities.

Goal 4: Recruit human teaching and research talent to enhance and expand geographical teaching, research, and service.  Seek fiscal resources to improve infrastructure in order to achieve high academic and scholarly success.

a. Recruit and retain talented, diverse, and committed faculty and staff, and invest in their professional development.
b. Work with the SDSU Foundation to maximize the capacities of alumni, friends and sponsors to raise private funds for endowed faculty positions, scholarships and fellowships, modernized facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.
1. Secure funding for the renovation of facilities in Wecota Hall basement.
2. Engage Foundation staff to develop and implement a strategic annual giving plan and a major gifts initiative.
c. Structure, staff, and size the Department of Geography to maximize effective operation and management.
d. Nourish a culture of transparency, responsiveness, and effective communication that aligns program and financial accountability.

Goal 5: Encourage cultural inclusivity and awareness in our locally and globally interconnected world.

a. Ensure accessibility and inclusion by building an academic community that provides a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment.
b. Incorporate inclusion, diversity, and global perspectives across the curriculum.
c. Encourage scholarly and creative activities that deepen our understanding of cultural complexities.
d. Establish meaningful service and outreach partnerships with underrepresented groups.
e. Allocate resources to support a culture of inclusion.