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Undergraduate Program - Geography

Undergraduate Program

Two Majors are offered within the Department of Geography:
1.Geography Major
2.Geographic Information Sciences Major

Geography is the science that studies the distribution of both physical and human features of the Earth's surface.

Geographers seek to describe, relate and explain the natural and cultural phenomena that distinguish places around the world. Geographers focus upon "where" and "why" questions concerning the global environment.

Geography also functions as a bridge between the natural sciences; its perspective on the location of phenomena makes it unique among the academic disciplines. The process of change is a fundamental theme in geography and the examination of how humankind modifies the Earth is a continual emphasis. The study of geography is thus of vital concern to all citizens and should be a significant part of the education of all students.

The undergraduate program is designed to provide the student with a general education as well as a concentration in the major field of study.

The faculty recommends that majors take several courses in disciplines closely related to their specific area of interest in geography. Those interested in physical geography might register for associated courses in physics, agricultural sciences, botany or other allied disciplines. If one is interested in human geography, course work in sociology, economics, history, political science or foreign language or some other social science might be considered. For technical geography, computer science and mathematics courses are recommended.

The Department of Geography provides course work leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and the Bachelor of Science degree in Geographic Information Sciences. In addition to the standard degree programs, there are presently two options available in the Geography Major:
?Technical Geography-Science Option
?Environmental Planning and Management Option

The Technical Geography-Science Option stresses research techniques and is oriented toward future employment in governmental, industrial, military, or planning positions. The Environmental Planning and Management Option is designed to prepare students for careers in governmental, industrial, managerial, recreational areas, and commercial corporations.
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