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Space Assignment Cost

Questions frequently arise regarding responsibility for the costs associated with moves approved by the Space Assignment Committee. The following policy will establish standard procedures for the billing and payment of relocation costs for individuals and organizational units on campus.

  • Space Reassignment: If a unit or department is assigned new or different space by the Committee or administration to meet institutional needs or to better utilize existing space, the unit will not be responsible for moving costs. The vice president for academic affairs, for academic departments or programs or the vice president for administration, for administrative units, will identify funds to pay moving costs before final approval is made to activate the move. Moving costs will include general services charges for the actual move and installation costs for telephones and computer lines. The appropriate Vice President will also identify funding for repairs or renovations such as painting, bookshelves, carpet, etc., needed to provide the unit with a new assignment that is essentially equivalent to the old space. Additional costs for renovations requested by the unit that upgrade the facilities are the responsibility of the unit that is moving unless a different arrangement is negotiated with the appropriate Vice President in advance.
  • Voluntary Moves:  If a department, program or individual requests new or additional space, and that request is approved by the Space Assignment Committee, the unit making the request will be responsible for all relocating costs associated with the new assignment. Those costs, including moving services, phone and computer line installation, renovation and repairs such as painting, carpet or shelving. The Facilities and Services Associate Vice President may allocate maintenance and repair funds for renovation or repair costs if he/she determines that the requested work would normally be accomplished through regularly scheduled routine maintenance services.