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Signage Policy

Services provided by Facilities and Services (except self-financing entities)

Interior Signage:

  • Room numbers*
  • Corridor Signs – Room Description and Occupant Name*
  • Restrooms, General Identification, Directional signs
  • Building Directory Boards (and updates)

Exterior Signage:

  • Building Identification
  • Functional Area/Public Access
    • see Exterior Signage Policy for more detail

Personnel Signage:

  • Desk Plates*
  • Name Tags 
    • Name tags will soon be turned over entirely to the Print Lab for ordering, fabrication and delivery.  

 *Sign funding is departmental responsibility.


All interior signage must conform to the ANSI Code as regards to people with visual impairments, low vision or blind.

Sign Material

Campus is in the process of updating all interior building signage. This will be accomplished in groups of buildings, and will take multiple years to complete. If you are in a building that has been updated, the ordering process is the same as those with the older signage. Fill out the form on inside state and submit. Facilities and Services will coordinate the ordering and installation of the signage.  


The updated campus signage will consist of a new placard identifying room number with an insert sleeve below. The insert will be used to identify the name/function of the space or the occupant if it is an individual office. The color and style of this sign is more modern design, with neutral colors to better complement buildings finishes.  


While being phased out, many buildings will still have the older style until all updates are complete. This signage shall consist of white lettering on an Azure Blue background. White engraving appliqué shall have a 1/32" profile with adhesive on the back side for adhering to 1/16" blue substrate. All appliqué letters shall be Helvetica font, with a finished letter height of 5/8". All lettering shall include both upper and lower case. All sign plates shall be 12" in length with variable width, and have square corners for placement in a standard 12" metal frame.

A.1:  Room Numbers

Each doorway in a building shall have a 1½” x 3” black sign with white lettering in Helvetica font, which shall identify the room number of the entrance. These signs shall be centered on the door frame at the entrance of the room. If a situation occurs where there is not enough room for the above specified signage, Facilities and Services Sign Department will address each situation individually.

A.2:  Corridor Signs

Room Description: Each room shall have in addition to the room number sign, an identifying sign, 3" (minimum) wide X 12" long. The sign shall be mounted 5'-0" above the floor to the center line of the sign on the latch side of the door. If there is insufficient wall space adjacent to the door, the sign may be mounted on the nearest adjacent wall where space for the sign is sufficient. The first required line of text shall identify the room number and the room function (ex. office, classroom, wet laboratory, etc.), the second required line, shall identify the room number and function in grade 2 Braille. This will be accomplished with printed inserts with the upgraded sign style. Inserts will be ordered through Facilities and Services and printed through the print lab to ensure consistency across campus.  

Occupant Name: The room occupant(s) will be identified on the corridor sign, below room identification sign and in alphabetical order, unless otherwise requested.  Occupant names will include first and last name in Helvetica font on a 1”x12” sign with blue substrate and white engraved appliqué. Names will be listed only if occupant is classified as a professional employee or career service employee range 12 and above. No titles will be noted on the signs. Other room occupant signs will be installed if specifically approved by the Department Head. The department head has the authority to determine which employees would be eligible for installation of name signs at the office entrance. This will be accomplished with printed inserts with the upgraded sign style. Inserts will be ordered through Facilities and Services and printed through the print lab to ensure consistency across campus.

Any special signage situation that arises will be addressed on an individual basis by Facilities and Services. Signage guidelines for named spaces are addressed in the Policy on Naming Facilities, Programmatic Units or Other Entities. 


B.1:  Building Identification

Campus buildings will be identified only by their assigned name with raised letters attached to the building facade. Color and size shall be determined by SDSU Facilities and Services to ensure proper contrast and visibility. Font shall be Times New Roman. Refer to the SDSU Signage and Way-finding Program, published under Supplemental Design Guides, Under the Design Standards Page.  

No lighted exterior signage will be put on academic or research buildings; also no flashing, mechanical or moving signs will be permitted. Any exception will need the President’s approval.

B.2:  Functional Area-Public Access

Functions within buildings that require extensive access from the general public may be identified on a post mounted sign outside of the building. These situations require approval by Associate Vice President of Facilities and Services. Funding will be the department's responsibility.