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Planning and Design


Planning and Design (P&D) offers a variety of services to the campus community. Tasked with assuring the physical environment supports the mission and strategic plan of SDSU, the division provides support on project of all sizes, from minor renovations to major multi-million dollar capital projects.

Following are some key initiatives and areas of focus for Planning and Design.

Campus Planning

A comprehensive campus master plan outlines how the physical campus will serve the students, faculty, staff and guests. The plan focuses on creating a built environment that is functional, pleasant, safe, sustainable and supportive of the university’s academic, research and outreach mission. Plans typically look forward at least 10-25 years, they include implementation plans and undergo periodic assessments especially regarding any changing programmatic needs of the institution.

A comprehensive campus master planning project is planned to begin in 2023. Updates and details will be posted as available.

Maintenance and Repair

Management of the annual HEFF (Higher Education Facilities Fund) allocation to SDSU for maintenance and repair (M&R) projects. This includes facilities assessment, reporting requirements to the SD Board of Regents, developing priority action lists and project execution and delivery.

Capital Planning

Capital Planning identifies long-term funding priorities of the University. The Planning and Design division provides planning and development, programming, compliance, reporting, project execution and delivery.

Project Planning

Planning and Design provides campus customers with a general idea of what a planning or concept project may cost based on a general unit estimate. These plans are to be used to determine if the project has viability. If the customer decides to proceed and investigate the project further, an updated estimate is generated at the final design phase of the project. These estimates are based on actual scope and detailed programming decisions. The standard Facilities and Services Project Scope and Estimate from will be used throughout the project to allow for customer feedback and approvals. Typically the project will then transition to the Project Management and Engineering division to execute and manage the project.