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Facilities and Services Key Policy

All keys on campus, with the exception of Residential Life, are issued and created by Facilities and Services. If you have questions regarding keys for a resident hall, please contact Residential Life.

Keys are issued to departments, not individuals and departments may only assign keys to full-time employees unless authorized by the department head, dean, director, vice president or president. Keys, with the related permission, may be issued to individuals and/or firms not related to the university; a deposit may be required. The department to which the keys are assigned are responsible to ensure keys are issued and returned.

All SDSU buildings and rooms will be keyed to be included in a standard master/submaster system. Master keys may be issued to employees who are in positions which require such access. Master key requests are only approved by the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Services, the Vice President of Administration or the University President.

Access to mechanical rooms and electrical panels is only available to Facilities and Services employees. Others may be given access, but only with permission from Facilities and Services.

How to Request a New Key

Each department is responsible for requesting keys for their employees. A signed, completed 2 part key requisition card should be turned into the Facilities and Services Customer Service Center. Keys will not be made without the signed card.

Department head's, dean's, director's, vice president's or president's signature on the key requisition card indicates:

  • Responsibility for the key security of the room or area assigned.
  • The department budget will pay for the cost of security changes requested or made necessary in the event of lost or duplicated keys.
  • The persons who have an exterior door key have permission to access the building or area after hours.
  • The master or area master key is permitted for immediate access to multi-departmental areas.

The key recipient ensures

  • All approvals are genuine.
  • The key shall be returned to the individual authorizing issuance of the key when employment with SDSU is terminated, when the key is no longer needed, or when directed to by the authorizing individual.
  • The recipient is responsible for any costs related to a replacement key or lock recombination costs due to a lost key.
  • Any SDSU issued keys will not be loaned or duplicated.


If a key is lost or not returned according to warranty: reimbursement is required for the direct costs to SDSU for recombinating affected locks and replacing keys.

If a key is duplicated by anyone other than the SDSU key shop, the university may recover from the key recipient and/or the involved department budget, the full cost of any action required to restore security to the area assigned by the duplicated key.

Padlock Policy

Only Best padlocks will be permitted when locking any facility area and/or room on campus.

Roof Access Policy

No access will be allowed to any campus roof without special permission and without a Facilities and Services employee to ensure compliance with roof protection policy.