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Project Map

We have highlighted a number of projects we are working on through 2018. As we have additional information, we will link to a new page for more detailed information.

Please note that this map is best viewed using FireFox or Chrome browsers.

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  1. University Blvd Improvements – Roundabout: Complete Map
    • This project will reconfigure the intersection of University Blvd and Jackrabbit Ave to create a roundabout. The drop-off entrance for Frost Arena will be moved to the south PEC parking lot. Work will begin in May 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in early August.
  2. Parking Lot Construction – East of Stan. Marshall, South of Performing Arts Center: July – Oct 2018 Map
    • The new parking lot east of Stanley Marshall will serve as a commuter lot as well as parking for the PAC and Stanley Marshall events. This lot will consist of 428 spaces and 25 ADA accessible spots. Project budget is $1.2 million
  3. Performing Arts Center Addition: Site Fall 2018, Building December 2018 Map
    • 100,000 additional square feet is being added to the PAC. Site work began fall of 2018 and is scheduled to be completed December 2018 with academic functions beginning the 2019 spring semester. Project budget is $48.3 million.
  4. Student Wellness Center Addition: Completion October 2018 Map
    • 37,000 square foot addition to the north side of the existing facility. Includes two new courts, two racquetball courts, space for the Outdoor Program, fitness space, and a new group exercise studio. $14 million dollar project is funded entirely by Student general activity fees.
  5. Stanley Marshall Practice Facility Addition: Completion August 2018 Map
    • The Stanley J Marshall Addition, added on directly south of Frost Arena, is a 24,000 SF addition to Frost Arena consisting of 10 practice basketball courts, 2 of which are full size. This addition will also be the first on campus to have a photovoltaic system which will supplement electrical power for the Stanley Marshall Center. This PV system will be the first on a campus facility that is not for research purposes. Completion is scheduled for November 2018, and the project budget is $12.6 Million.
  6. Harding Hall Renovation: CompleteMap
    • The Harding Hall Renovation will modify and upgrade the building to current standards for construction. The building will be certified LEED Version 4 Silver and will be the first LEED V4 certified project on campus. The first floor of the building will be dedicated to a general classroom, student study space, e-commerce classroom, collaboration room and building service space. A small addition will be constructed on the north side of the building to meet the building code required circulation needs of the facility. The proposed addition includes the building elevator, lobby, student study space, and circulation stairs serving all three levels of the building. The Economics Department will fully occupy the second and third floors of the building. Completion is scheduled for August of 2018 and the project budget is $8.5 Million.
  7. American Indian Cultural Center: Completion Spring 2019 Map
    • The American Indian Student Center (AISC) will be a new facility that will enhance the academic services provided to American Indian students and provide contemporary multi-purpose academic collaboration space to the greater campus community. The AISC is the hub of cultural programming, services and advocacy that supports the recruitment, transition, retention, persistence, and graduation of American Indian students at South Dakota State University. The building will be roughly 13,000 gross square feet (gsf) to accommodate the immediate programmatic needs of the AISC; as well as, provide some room for growth within the planned footprint of the building. The will have three levels: basement, main floor, and upper floor. The basement level will contain steam, chilled water, electrical, and elevator equipment. The first floor will accommodate the administrative offices, student suite, multi-purpose room, service spaces and storage spaces. The second floor will provide mechanical space and student study spaces. The anticipated completion date is December of 2019 and the project budget is $4.5 Million.
  8. SE University Neighborhood Redevelopment Contemporary Housing Project: June 2018- August 2019 Map
    • Construction will begin in May 2018 by demolition of 3 of the 6 State Court apartments and removal of 6 houses on the south side of 7th Street. In June construction will begin on a new three story apartment style housing facility that will include 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments. The apartment will be constructed at the northeast corner of 8th Street and Jackrabbit Lane. This project will also include 4 townhouses facing 7th Street. This project will add a total bed count of 216. The project will be under construction from June 2018 through July 2019 and ready for occupancy by Fall 2019. Project budget is $20M.
  9. Chilled Water Lines – Briggs Library and Stan. Marshall Center: May – August 2018 Map
    • The chilled water lines to Briggs Library will be installed in May after the end of the spring semester. Completion will be in late June for final site restoration. This project is part of the Wellness Center Expansion.
  10. Steam Tunnel and College Ave Modifications: May 2018 - August 2019 Map
    • The tunnel project continues with completion by August 2019.  Access to the Dairy Science parking lot and the adjacent buildings continues to be off of Medary via the new entrance.  The contractor continues to work from south to north, backfilling and restoring the site as they go.  The south site from the Testing Center to Jackrabbit Blvd will be restored by the start of school.  Beginning August 20th, the contractor will be closing North Campus Drive in front of Animal Science.  During that time, pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic will be routed per the wayfinding maps found on this page.  North Campus Drive will be reopened by the end of December.  The contractor is also targeting the 1st of October to have the entrance to Biostress fully reconstructed and the south side of the construction site open up to North Campus Drive.

  11. Animal Disease Research Diagnostic Laboratory Addition & Renovation: March 2018-Fall 2020 Map
    • The new South Dakota Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL) addition & renovation on the South Dakota State University campus is expected to bring added public health benefits and reinforces South Dakota as a leader in safeguarding animal health with precision diagnostics. The new building addition will be 81,103 gross square feet (gsf) to accommodate the needs of the ADRDL, which include office space, serology, sterilization, bacteriology, virology, accessioning, necropsy, bsl-3 laboratory, clinical pathology, histopathology, food safety and molecular diagnostics. The addition will have two levels: first and second floors with a mechanical room penthouses. The existing ADRDL will renovate space for 3 research laboratories, student lounge and necropsy, as well as include mechanical renovations throughout the building. The expected completion date is March of 2020 and the project budget is $61.3 Million.
  12. Avera Science Pharmacy Lab Renovation: Complete  Map
    • Remodel the pharmacy compounding lab 168 and the patient care skills lab 150. Built in lab desks will be removed to create more group settings with non-fixed furnishings. A practice pharmacy, hospital room, and additional practice consultation rooms will also be created in lab 150. Budget is $650k.
  13. The Barn (Intramural Bldg.) – CompleteMap
    • This project includes renovation of space in the Barn for the Ceramics and Sculpture Programs. The space will be renovated over the summer of 2018 and the programs will be moved from the North Headhouse to the Barn in July of 2018. The project will include dedicated space for Ceramics, including class laboratory and kiln room. It will also include a workroom and maker space to serve the needs of the Sculpture Program. There will be two general classrooms renovated as part of this project. The anticipated completion date is July 2018 and the project budget is $300,000.
  14. Wagner Hall – Nursing Renovations – Health & Nutrition Renovations Complete Map
    • The Health & Nutritional Sciences Department has moved their offices to Wagner Hall. They will also be moving two of their laboratories to Wagner Hall after renovations are complete during the summer of 2018. This project includes renovations to room 451 and the conversion of three general classrooms in the lower level to classroom laboratory space for the HNS Department. The general classrooms impacted by this project are rooms 159, 167, and 169. The anticipated completion date is July 2018 and the project budget is $60,000.
  15. Precision Ag Center – Planning Only: Start August 2019 Map
    • Planning will resume on this project beginning this summer. The construction of a new Precision Agriculture Classroom and Laboratory building may start the fall of 2019. This building will be located at the corner of Medary Avenue and North Campus Drive where the current Seedhouse building stands.
  16. Various Utility Projects: Summer 2018 Map
  17. North Headhouse Renovation for Agronomy: Summer 2019 Map
  18. Intramural Field Relocation – Utilities, Grading, Lighting: Summer 2018 Map
    • Due to construction of the new parking lot at the current IM field location, the IM fields have been relocated directly north of PAC. The have already been re-graded and seeded, and this summer we will relocated the existing field lighting to the new location. Fields will be ready for Intramural Sports for Fall 2018 semester.
  19. Campus Landscaping Projects: CompleteMap
    • Track Throwing Area: April-May
      • This relocation occurred as a function of the renovation work on Sexauer Field. The throwing area for discus, shot put, hammer throw, and javelin are relocating to the area graded out to the north of the baseball fields. Concrete pads and the throwing cage will be installed this spring once the ground has dried out. The entire area was dormant seeded in 2017.
    • Sexauer Corridor Sidewalk: May
      • A large sidewalk will be poured that connects the pedestrian axis from Campanile Ave, north, to the East side of McFadden Biostress Laboratory. This will offer a more direct and cohesive connection to the center of campus.
    • Local Food Site Work: May
      • There will be a few moving parts on the Local Foods Education Center this spring. The most notable will be the roofing of the pavilion on the north side of the site, located just outside the ornamental fencing. Various concrete walks and pads will be poured this spring. There will be trellis units going up as well as a gathering space including a pergola.
    • Parking Lot Reconstruction: June
      • This project will focus mainly on the area to the east of Morrill Hall. The parking lot will be reconfigured in this area to offer more greenspace between Morrill Hall and the Communications Building. The project will also dovetail in with a steam tunnel expansion connecting from the Central Heating Plant to Rotunda and Wagner Hall. Expect to see more developed landscaping and the extension of the existing plaza between Avera and Morrill Hall.
      • The second half of this project will be focusing on the area north east of the former Parking Services building (west of Medary). There is a potential reconfiguration of the existing parking that will extend north slightly. This half is tentative right now.
    • Parking Lot Overlay: July
      • All of the worn asphalt from this parking lot will be milled out and new asphalt will be laid back on the lot.
    • Box Culvert Replacement: July
      • The box culvert has always been a bottleneck for storm water in this area of campus. Construction of the new parking lot to the south will give us an opportunity to replace this structure and better accommodate the increased storm water flow.
    • Crothers Engineering ADA Access regrading & Construction Connection Statue: May
      • A sidewalk will extend to the south connecting the back door on Crother’s Engineering Hall to the sidewalk on 8th Street. This walk will be ADA accessible and allow circulation and access to the Connections sculpture used for teaching purposes as well as to Crother’s Engineering Hall. This project will also add a few parking spaces to the south side of Crothers, in the drop off loop, while widening the corner to better accommodate long vehicle traffic.
  20. Sidewalk Repairs – Various: Summer 2018 Map
  21. West Hall Renovations: On-going – August 2018 Map
    • We are upgrading the electrical service, walls, flooring, doors, door frames, paint and ceilings on the 1st floor west wing. We will also be overlaying the walls in the stair towers, and repainting them. We have already upgraded the flooring on the 2nd floor. The 1st floor east wing with get new lights, ceiling grid and tile, and new flooring.
  22. Motor Pool – Parking Services Renovation: Spring 2018 Map
    • This project is currently under way and will wrap up in the next few weeks. We are adding a new office space, carpeting the 3 offices, patching in new floor tile, new water fountain, and painting the entire office suites. We will also install and new work surface for the front desk staff.
  23. University Classroom Improvements – Various: Completion August 2018 Map
    • The major renovation will be in Berg Ag Hall classroom 100A. The scope of the work includes replacing the lighting and flooring, repair and painting the room, and installing new fixed student seating. A new double slider whiteboard and fixed projection screen will be installed at the front of the room. Results of the project will be similar as to those achieved in the adjacent classroom 100B. Several other classrooms on campus will have some maintenance and student seating upgrades done over the same time.
  24. DePuy Military Hall – Restroom & Army Office Renovations Map
    • We have built a few new offices, floor tiled areas we can, with all new ceiling, lights, doors and frames in the basement. We have the gun range up and running. We are currently in the design stages of the bathroom, custodial room and the ramp.
  25. Brown Hall Flooring Replacement: May - August, 2018 Map
    • We will be replacing all the carpet and VCT tile in the hallways and the student rooms.
  26. Mathews Hall Flooring Replacement: May - August Map
    • We will be replacing all the carpet and VCT tile in the hallways and the student rooms.
  27. Pierson Hall Window Replacement & Heating Upgrades- Future: Summer 2019 Map
  28. Caldwall Hall Partial Flooring Replacement: May - August Map
  29. North Chiller Plant Addition (associated with ADRDL): Summer 2019 Map
    • The North Chiller Plant addition project is part of the Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL) addition & renovation project. The North Chiller Plant constructs an addition to the plant to increase the square footage for equipment to serve the ADRDL addition, Stanley J. Marshall Practice addition and the future Precision Agriculture project. Water cooled chillers, cooling towers & pumps will be installed for ADRDL and Stanley J. Marshall addition, with a future chiller, tower & pump installed for Precision Agriculture. The expected completion is scheduled for March of 2019.
  30. Berg Ag Hall – CompleteMap
    • This summer we will replace one of the main electrical gears in the basement of Ag Berg Hall. This will entail along weekend of outage in the building. We anticipate this will be completed in July 2018, but dates have not yet been set. Project budget is $440k.
  31. Ag Heritage Museum – Window Replacement: Schedule Pending Map
  32. Bailey Rotunda – HVAC Upgrades: May – August 2018 Map
    • Replace exhaust fans and add energy recovery. Current in the design phase. 
  33. Avera Science Center – Chemistry Dean’s Office Renovation: Map
  34. Pugsley Center – Renovation – Future - 2019 Map
    • A space planning study will commence in the late spring of 2018 to plan the future renovations to this building.
  35. Lincoln Music Center – Renovation – Future - 2019 Map
    • Programming and preliminary cost estimating is currently underway for the Lincoln Hall Renovation project. The design team is examining possibilities for reconfiguring Lincoln Hall to accommodate the College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences, Modern Languages, History & Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology & Rural Studies. Program options and associated costs will be complete by May of 2018, at that time the project will be placed on hold until funding is identified to complete the project.
  36. SD Art Museum Addition – Future - 2020 Map
    • The South Dakota Art Museum project is through programming and schematic design. It is currently in the fundraising phase. Completion of design, construction documents, and construction of the facility will likely require an additional 18 to 24 months after funding has been identified. The current fund raising goal for the project is $5,000,000. The funding goal was established in June of 2017.
  37. University Student Union – Space Reallocation – Future: 2019 Map
    • The first part of phased renovations to the University Student Union will be planned and designed in the summer and fall of 2018. The first phase of the renovation project is likely to take place in the summer of 2019.
  38. McFadden Biostress Lab – HVAC Upgrades: Summer 2018 Map
    • The McFadden Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory HVAC Renovation will modify and upgrade the building central air condition and heating systems in the general classrooms, offices, conference rooms and corridors on floors 1 and 2. The existing Variable Air Volume units will be replaced with new units, which serve the cooling, heating and ventilation from the air handling units. New Direct Digital Controls (DDC) will replace the existing pneumatic controls, which will provide energy efficiency measures and monitoring of the systems. New DDC thermostats and control valves will replace the existing. The building central heating water pumps and steam to hot water convertor will also be replaced due to age, on-going maintenance and inefficiencies. The pumps will be provided with Variable Frequency Drives, which reduces water flow and saves energy. This project is phase 2 of a 3 phase HVAC upgrade project. Phase 1 removed the existing old inefficient chillers and connected the building to the new North Chiller Plant. The future phase 3 project will renovate the labs with new DDC laboratory airflow units and add a central heat recovery system to decrease energy consumption. Phase 2 completion is scheduled for August of 2018 and the project budget is $1.4 Million.