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Custodial Services

We provides custodial service on a scheduled basis to about 70 administrative and academic buildings along with a few other areas. The custodial staff is largely responsible for the health and safety of those individuals who occupy public buildings by providing clean, healthy, safe and attractive physical surroundings in which people may work and attend school.

Classrooms, restrooms, offices, hallways, entrances and stairs are cleaned daily. Chemical dilution and dispensing stations are in use to prevent excessive use and spillage. Custodial staff will clean any clear horizontal surface, such as a window sill that has nothing on it. Desks, cupboards, shelves, etc. that have items such as computers, books or papers on them, will not be cleaned. Chalk, markers and erasers are supplied to classrooms in conjunction with the cleaning routine. Windows, carpets and floors are cleaned periodically. The custodial staff should be contacted to clean up any body fluids. Additional details can be found in our service lists.

Staffing levels are determined based on standards set by APPA and CCAP. 

Custodial staff are responsible for recycling in buildings we serve. You can submit a Recycling Request by calling our main number. We also provide a stand and bag set up if you have an area that has a lot of paper to recycle. Our recycling efforts include single stream recycling, which include paper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastic and separate paper and cardboard recycling. Individuals are responsible for placing recycling items into the recycling bin and ensuring that no trash is found in the recycling bins. Visit this page for the campus Recycling Guide.  

Custodial also provides non-cleaning functions such as building security Sunday night to Thursday morning, filling of water softeners, monthly fire extinguisher checks, light bulb replacement, smoker outposts maintained and snow removal from building entrances. 

The custodial staff removes snow and ice by entrances and walks leading into buildings. During winter months, the number one custodial priority is snow removal and then routine cleaning. If there is not enough time to complete all cleaning tasks, the staff will prioritize what is needed to be cleaned first and leave lower prioritized areas to be cleaned at another time. During summer months, the custodial staff refinish hard surface floors and shampoo carpets. Regular custodial services are reinstated before classes resume in the fall.

Custodial services are not routinely provided on weekends but can be upon request. Work done outside normal business hours is chargeable. Normal business hours are 10 p.m. Sunday night to 5 p.m. Friday afternoon and are covered in 3 shifts. Request for service schedules, specific service problems or questions concerning custodial services may be directed to our customer service center at 605-688-4136.