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Online Instructor Certification (Advanced Level)

Event Details

Online Class (Special Issues)

  • OER (Open Education Resources)
  • Copyright & Fair Use
  • Course Accessibility & Usability
  • Multi-media
  • Student Authentication
  • Student-student mentoring
  • Emerging Cloud services and applications

*Content for this class will vary, depending on current campus needs or issues

To be certified at this level:

  • The participant must complete the online course satisfactorily
  • Complete one full or partial re-design of an existing course incorporating at least one new technology, or, complete the full development of an on-campus class to fully online or hybrid format.  Both cases require a certification course review
  • Submit one essay outlining the re-design of your course (strategies, technology used and rationale...) potentially to be shared to SDSU community in IDS Newsletter.
  • Successfully teach the online/hybrid class under review
Monday, Oct. 26, 2020 – Friday, Nov. 20, 2020 All-Day Off-Campus , Online
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