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Liberal Arts & Technology: Our Need for Ethics

George Tsakiridis
George Tsakiridis

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In 2016, news erupted that the FBI had asked Apple to hack their own phone, raising issues of privacy for millions of users. Facebook has continually been in the news with questions about user data and how our privacy is affected. With the rapid growth of technology and social networks, intense questions have arisen regarding user privacy and what it means to be human in a virtual world. In this lecture, Dr. Tsakiridis presents issues connected to technology, big data, and privacy/identity, forging a path forward with ethical thinking. Technology is changing the very heart of who we are and how we experience life. Ethics is a necessary component of navigating this new world.

Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2019 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm University Student Union , Volstorff Ballroom A&B