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Coping With a Fast-Changing World: Why Geography Matters

Portrait of Professor Murphy

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Drawing on his latest book, “Geography: Why It Matters,” Murphy explains why geography, a subject concerned with how people, environments, and places are organized and interconnected, is so important. Geographical perspectives and techniques provide critical insights into a planet undergoing unprecedented change as a result of rising sea levels, deforestation, species extinction, rapid urbanization, modern technologies, and mass migration.

Professor Murphy is a political-cultural geographer with regional specialties in Europe and the Middle East. His work focuses on the ways in which the changing political organization of space reflects and shapes ethnic, socio-economic, and environmental processes; the foundations and consequences of influential geopolitical ideas and assumptions; the role of legal and political arrangements in mediating human-environment relations; and the importance of geographical education for efforts to address critical challenges facing the contemporary world. 

Monday, Sep. 30, 2019 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Bailey Rotunda , Room D

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