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Heather Battaly
Heather Battaly

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Dr. Heather Battaly is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Battaly specializes in epistemology, ethics, and virtue theory. She is a leading researchers on the concept of intellectual humility, and is a pioneer on the topic of epistemic vice. Her work influences research in philosophy, psychology and education on intellectual humility and the teaching of intellectual character traits. She has been co-Investigator for a Templeton grant and Principal Investigator for a Spencer grant, and sh has received various awards from Cal State Fullerton for research and teaching. Dr. Battaly is editor in chief of the Journal of Philosophical Research as well as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Philosophical Association.

Wednesday, Sep. 25, 2019 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm South Dakota Art Museum , Auditorium (SMU 104)

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