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Canceled - Speaker Series: Using Social Science to Address the Suicide Epidemic

Staley Portrait

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Michael J. Staley is the Psychological Autopsy Examiner at the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner. The Utah Legislature created Staley’s position in 2017 in response to Utah’s high suicide death rate. Staley’s work is mixed method: he uses secondary data from various agencies and databases to analyze suicide death across all age groups. At the same time, Staley leads a team of interviewers who conduct in-depth interviews of parents, peers, educators, employers, and treatment providers to gain a better understanding of the circumstances of someone’s life before they died by suicide. Because of the immense amount of data this process compiles, Staley partner’s with university researchers and health care systems to analyze and report data. Furthermore, this applied research steers the efforts of state and local governments and suicide prevention coalitions. This unique work is advancing the science of suicidology and suicidology itself, particularly in the Rocky Mountain West. 

Friday, Apr. 12, 2019 11:15 am – 12:15 pm University Student Union , Student Union Campanile and Hobo Day Gallery

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