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Annual Oak Lake Retreat - 30th Anniversary Events

Event Details

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Annual Oak Lake Retreat – October 26 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, McCrory Gardens

Come join the station’s annual retreat symposium and hear summative presentations from faculty who have conducted years of teaching, research and service activities using the station.  Student presentations will also highlight the most recent project work over the past summer. 

Host & Moderator: Michele Dudash (NRM Department Head)

Time (pm)Title
1:00-1:15Bill Gibbons, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station – Welcome
1:15-1:30Jen DaileyUG – Oak Lake Wetland Restoration: Difference in Hydrology Between Newly Restored and Reference Wetlands
1:30-1:50Charles Woodard – Oak Lake Tribal Writers’ Retreat
1:50-2:05Kate WollmanGR – Pyganodon grandis Growth Along a Trophic State Gradient in Eastern South Dakota Lakes
2:05-2:25Xu Lan – Undergraduate Research and Teaching at Oak Lake Field Station
2:25-2:45Sara Vacek – Thanks for Letting Us Borrow Your Prairie! 10 Years of US Fish and Wildlife Service Plant Training
3:00-3:20Arvid Boe – Native Grass and Legume Biology and Establishment
3:20-3:35Ashley NilsonUG – South Dakota Aquatic Invertebrate Collection & Database
3:35-3:55Rebecca Bott – Welcoming Honors: The Hike and Read Event
3:55-4:10Shane StilesGR – Pollinator Mediated Yield Across a Heterogeneous Landscape in Eastern South Dakota
4:10-4:30K.C. Jensen – Twenty Three Years of Bird Surveys at Oak Lake Field Station: Patterns of Use and Change
4:30-4:50Nels Troelstrup – Relationships Between Landscapes, Water Quality and Aquatic Assemblages: A Toolbox for Water Managers

*Breaks for presenters provided by the Oak Lake Field Station, SDSU
***Digital projector and laptop available on-site. Bring Power Point presentations on a jump drive.

Nels H. Troelstrup, Jr., Director OLFS
(605) 688-5503

Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm McCrory Gardens Education & Visitor Center , Classroom