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Event Details

The Living Library event brings people together for meaningful conversations. People of varying backgrounds and experiences serve as living books. Students can reserve a time for a 20 minute conversation and get a chance to borrow or to talk with a living book.


What’s a Living Library?

We use a library metaphor, but the event is all about people. Some people will be “books” and some people “readers.” Books are people who are willing to share their personal experiences. Readers are people interested in having a meaningful conversation.


Tell me more about your books.

Books are people who have experienced prejudice and stereotyping in their lives and are willing to share their experiences. Our books are people with a variety of experiences including a woman veteran; international students from Nigeria, Uganda, and Iran; and an individual with a disability. Consult the Living Library at SDSU guide for more information.


What are the goals of the event?

We hope the event will bring people together who might not otherwise interact, will challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, and increase understanding and empathy for diverse persons and groups.


Where can I sign up for a conversation?

Students can reserve a time for a 20 minute conversation by going to the Sign up for a Conversation page of the Living Library at SDSU guide ( Living books who have agreed to conversations with small groups will have slots for three readers.


Where can I get more information?

Go to the Living Library at SDSU guide ( or contact Linda Kott (

Tuesday, Sep. 25, 2018 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Hilton M. Briggs Library , Main Level

Parking Information

Free parking is available in Lot 164 north of the library.