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Heroes, Saviors & Triumphs: Illustrations by Paul Goble

Paul Goble illustration from Adopted by Eagles, 2001
Paul Goble illustration from Adopted by Eagles, 2001

Event Details

2 boys viewing Paul Goble illustration in "Heroes, Saviors and Triumphs" exhibit.

This exhibition of Paul Goble illustrations features stories of triumph and the heroes—both mortal and supernatural—who save the day. Books featured include Adopted by the Eagles, Buffalo Woman, Crow Chief, Dream Wolf, Death of the Iron Horse, The Gift of the Sacred Dog, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, Horse Raid, The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman, The Lost Children, and The Return of the Buffaloes.  

Beginning September 15, 2018 a new round of paintings will replace the Summer 2018 illustrations. This helps preserve the works and gives our visitors new illustrations to enjoy!

Event Audience

Public includes SDSU Faculty/Staff/Students SDSU Faculty/Staff SDSU Students
Saturday, Jun. 2, 2018 – Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018 All-Day South Dakota Art Museum