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Oakwood is SDSU's literary and art magazine, entirely edited by SDSU students.

Cover of Oakwood 2016

In 1976, former SDSU student Doug Cockrell and English Professor David Evans started a regional literary magazine under the original title Calliope. In the beginning, it not only included the creative writing of SDSU students, but was also designed to include regional writers. The name was later changed to Oakwood to give the publication the regional flavor the creators originally intended it to have. 

Today Oakwood includes work from SDSU students of all majors, as well as writers and artists of the broader Great Plains region. The journal is published in the spring with funding from the English Department, the Student Association, and generous donors.


SDSU students of all majors are welcome to submit works in the following categories: fiction, poetry, paintings, non-fiction, drawings, photographs of original sculpture, essays, and black and white or color photographs. The journal is published in the spring, and guidelines are available at our submissions website.


Graduate and advanced undergraduate students can enroll in a publishing practicum each spring semester to gain valuable real-world experience in editing, production, and publicity. Contact for more information on enrollment.

Archive & Social Media

Recent issues of Oakwood (beginning 2013) are available electronically on issuu.

Keep up to date with our submission and release cycle by following us our Facebook page.