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The Jerome Norgren Poetry Contest

The Jerome Norgren Poetry Contest

The Jerome Norgren Poetry Contest is open to all high school (9th-12th) and middle school (6th-8th) students in South Dakota.

The contest is open to poetry on all subjects and in all styles (free verse or traditional).

The deadline for submissions is February 1 (postmarked). There are separate prizes for high school and middle school students. Winners will be invited to read their poems at South Dakota State University.

Rules for Submitting

  1. A student may not submit more than three poems.
  2. The submission should include include a cover sheet with the following information:
    • Title of work(s)
    • Student's name, grade, and home address
    • School's name and address
    • Teacher's name (both first and last) and teacher statement declaring that the work is the student's own
  3. Each poem should be on a separate page without the author's name on it.

Writers must keep a copy of any poem submitted. Poems will not be returned.  

For more information, contact Dr. Stewart-Nuñez.

The contest is sponsored by the Jerome Norgren Estate and the SDSU English Department.