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The Jerome Norgren Poetry Contest


The Jerome Norgren Poetry Contest is open to all high school (9th-12th) and middle school (6th-8th) students in South Dakota.


The contest is open to poetry on all subjects and in all styles (free verse or traditional).

The deadline for submissions is February 15 (postmarked). There are separate prizes for high school and middle school students. Winners will be invited to read their poems at South Dakota State University.

Rules for Submitting

  1. A student may not submit more than three poems.
  2. The submission should include include a cover sheet with the following information:
    • Title of work(s)
    • Student's name, grade and home address
    • School's name and address
    • Teacher's name (both first and last) and teacher statement declaring that the work is the student's own
  3. Each poem should be on a separate page without the author's name on it.

Writers must keep a copy of any poem submitted. Poems will not be returned.  


  • First prize: High School - $100.00 /  Middle School - $100.00
  • Second prize: High School - $ 75.00 / Middle School - $ 75.00
  • Third prize: High School - $ 50.00 / Middle School - $ 50.00
  • Honorable mention: Up to five in each category

Prize-winning submissions will be published in a chapbook of Winning Writing, and we will print sufficient copies for students, teachers, and immediate family.

For more information, contact professor Steven Wingate at

The contest is sponsored by the Jerome Norgren Estate and the SDSU English and Interdisciplinary Studies Department.