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Faculty Year-in-Review

Our faculty had a great year!


Ms. Randi Anderson, an Instructor, was promoted to Lecturer effective August 22, 2019. She also continues to serve as our first-ever Professional Academic Advisor, and she has been excellent in this role.

Dr. Paul Baggett, Associate Professor, serves as an Advisor for Satyagraha Institute, an international organization training leaders in non-violence, and also organized a faculty-led trip to Winnipeg, Canada for Peace and Conflict Studies students during which they met with faculty, administrators and students at the University of Winnipeg's Program in Human Rights, visited The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and visited the Canadian Legislature (2018). He also completed the following scholarly activities:

  • Fordham University Press: An invited expert reader for a book-length manuscript entitled Missed Reading: Culture, Class, and the Work of Urban Form. 2018.
  • Studies in American Naturalism (Nebraska UP): Invited expert reader of article-length manuscript entitled “The Five Suicides of Martin Eden.2018.
  • Studies in American Fiction (Fordham UP): Invited expert reader of article-length manuscript entitled “‘The true path to salvation: Conversion to the Religion of Socialism in the Work of Jack London and Upton Sinclair.” 2019.

Dr. Nicole Flynn, Associate Professor, has played a leadership role in bringing to SDSU the annual Staging the Space Between conference, co-hosted by the Society of the Space Between (1915-1945) and SDSU (May 30-June 1, 2019). In addition, she published the following:

  • Essay: “The Magazine-Programme and the Broadbrow Sophisticate: Britain’s Interwar Theatre Culture.” Modernist Cultures 13.4 (2018).
  • Essay: “A.S. Byatt and the ‘Perpetual Traveler’: A Reading Practice for New British Fiction.” Journal of English Studies, vol. 16 (2018).
  • Essay: “Comics in the Literature Classroom: How Multimodal Learning Can Create Better Citizens.” CEA Forum, Winter/Spring (2018).

Ms. Amber Jensen, a Lecturer, continues to facilitate both the SDSU’s Veteran’s Writing Group and the Sioux Falls VA Hospital Literature and Medicine Program. She was formally recognized for this important work in receiving the 2019 April Brooks Woman of Distinction Award for Faculty. Congrats to her for this honor! She also published an essay entitled “What We Miss, or Ignore, or Refuse to See” in Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research, Vol. 8.1, Spring 2018.

Dr. Michael Keller, a Professor, organized a session entitled “What We Read in 101 and Why: Stories of a Curriculum, A Curriculum of Stories" for the Minnesota Writing and English Conference entitled “Connecting Reading and Writing,” North Hennepin Community College, April 5-6, 2019. He also serves as SDSU’s liaison to the BOR and as a participant/reviewer in the BOR’s Assessment Summit (2018-present) for writing courses.

Ms. Lisa Madsen, Lecturer, co-authored an essay entitled “The Relative Influence of Instructor Training on Student Perceptions of Online Courses and Instruction” in the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence 2.2 (2018, with Mary Bowne, Melissa Wuellner, Jessica Meendering and John Howard).

Dr. Jason McEntee, a Professor, published an essay entitled “Partners and Posses: Masculine Camaraderie in the Contemporary Western Action Film,” co-authored with Dr. Sharon Smith, in New Riders of the Cinematic Stage: The Twenty-First-Century Western. He chaired and presented at the session entitled “Dual Credit Teaching and Learning: Where Do We Go from Here?” at the Speech and Communication Association of South Dakota and the SD Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference in Huron, SD, on September 7, 2018. He also serves on the Advisory Committee of Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography (March 2019-March 2022) for which he also serves as a Field Bibliographer and received the 2019 MLA  Award for Achievement: For Distinguished Contributions Made as Fellow for the MLA International Bibliography, 2015-18. Finally, he serves on the International EBSCO Literature Editorial Board (2017-22).

Dr. Kathy Malone, Assistant Professor, recently received notice that she was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective August 22, 2019. Congrats to her!  She also serves as the new Editor of Victorian Periodicals Review (December 2018–present), and these duties allow her to bring the journal to the SDSU English and Interdisciplinary Studies Department. It is not only the first time we have hosted an international journal but also the only international journal housed within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. She also completed the following scholarly activities:

  • Essay: “In the Byways with Margaret Oliphant.” Victorian Periodicals Review (2019).
  • Essay: “Making Space for Women’s Work in the Leisure Hour: From Variety to ‘Verity.’” Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1830s–1900s: The Victorian Period. Ed. Alexis Easley, Clare Gill and Beth Rodgers. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (2019).
  • Book Review: Time, Domesticity and Print Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Maria Damkjaer. Review 19 (2018).
  • Invited Lecture: “Victorians Unbound! Teaching Serial Fiction in Nineteenth-Century Magazines,” University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota (2018).

Ms. April Myrick, a Lecturer, received the 2019 Excellence in Online Teaching Award (SDSU). Congrats to her for receiving this significant honor!

Ms. Katie O’Leary, an Instructor, was a student-nominated finalist for the 2018-19 Honors College Teacher of the Year and was recognized for her teaching excellence at the 2019 Honors Convocation. Congrats to her!

Dr. Sharon Smith, Associate Professor, played a leadership role in developing an online M.A. degree in English, slated for a soft launch in Fall 2019. In addition, she serves as Co-President of the Midwestern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and served as the co-organizer for the Conference of the Midwestern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (Sioux Falls, SD) in October 2018. She also completed the following scholarly activities:

  • Essay: “The Pleasures of Satire in the Fables of Anne Finch,” in British Women Satirists in the Long Eighteenth Century, edited by Amanda L. Hiner and Elizabeth Tasker Davis (Proposal accepted; forthcoming).
  • Essay: “Partners and Posses: Masculine Camaraderie in the Contemporary Western Action Film,” co-authored with Dr. Jason McEntee, in New Riders of the Cinematic Stage: The Twenty-First-Century Western (Forthcoming).
  • Critical summaries: “Elizabeth Gunning, The Farmer’s Boy”; “Elizabeth Gunning, The War-Office” and “Margaret Minifie or Susannah Gunning, The Union.” The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel, 1660-1820, Cambridge University Press (Forthcoming).
  • Book Review: Review of Women's Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1690-1820s in Victorian Periodicals Review 53.3 (2018).
  • National conference presentation: “Recovering the ‘Muse Satyrick’ in the Poetry of Sarah Fyge Egerton.” Conference of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies in Denver, Colorado (2019).

Dr. Christine Stewart, a Professor, recently received confirmation that she will serve as the new SD Poet Laureate for a term of four years! Congrats to her on this career milestone and for bringing this honor to SDSU. She also served as the Editor of Pasque Petals (Fall 2018). She received two major awards: the 2018 Whirling Prize in Poetry for her collection Bluewords Greening and the SD Council of Teachers of English Author of the Year award (2018). She completed the following creative and scholarly activities:

  • Book Review: “A Review of Monica A. Hand’s DiVida.” Mom Egg Review (2018).
  • Book Review: “A Review of Jill Hoffman’s The Gates of Pearl.” Mom Egg Review (2018). 
  • Anthologized Poem: “Ode at Twenty-One Weeks.” Atlanta Review. 25th Anniversary Issue (2019).
  • National Conference Presentation: “Imagine All the People: Memory Work as Radical Re-Imagination.” National Women’s Studies Association. Atlanta, Georgia (2018).
  • National Conference Presentation: “Re-imagining DisABILITY Through Literature.” Associated Writers and Writing Programs. Portland, Oregon (2019).

Mr. Steven Wingate, Associate Professor, published his latest labor of love, the novel Of Fathers and Fire, part of the University of Nebraska Press’s Flyover Fiction series, in April 2019. Professor Wingate will receive an official novel launch and celebration on April 23 at the Hilton M. Briggs Library.