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Consultation Services & Assistance

Free Safety and Health Check-up

A free health and safety check-up is available through the Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program. It is conducted by professional health and safety consultants and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is strictly a confidential consultation and no fines or citations are given. It’s like having your own industrial hygienist or safety consultant on staff, except without the cost!

By Using Our Services . . .

You can limit or reduce the burden of Worker's Compensation and liability insurance programs.
You can improve worker productivity.
You may be able to avoid the impact of potential OSHA citations and penalties.

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How It Works

What We Offer

You must advise us of your interest. You start the process.

On-Site Visit
A date and time is set for an on-site visit of your facilities. During the visit, an opening conference is held, a walk-through survey and evaluation of the workplace is conducted and a closing conference is held.

Evaluation and Report
Following the visit the collected information is evaluated and relevant research conducted. This may include laboratory analysis, if air samples are taken. A report detailing all findings and recommendations is prepared and forwarded.

Corrections of Serious Hazards
The report you receive will discuss all potential hazards, and a number of these may be considered to be of a serious nature. Corrective action on these serious hazards by the employer is a required part of this program. The employer and consultant set and agree to the time goals for correction of the serious hazards.

Follow-Up Visit

Safety and Health Program assistance is available to you. A good Safety and Health Program involves management commitment and employee involvement. Engineering Extension can assist you to achieve this goal for your company, health and safety hazards. You determine the scope and extent of safety and/or health services provided.

Free Service to South Dakota Businesses
The Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program is available to any business with one or more employees. Service is not provided to municipal, county, state or federal organizations.

Services are funded through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and administered through South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD. There is no charge to any business that requests services.

Knowledgeable and Helpful Assistance
Our staff has experienced professional safety and industrial hygiene consultants, trained to identify safety and health hazards in your workplace and supply recommendations to reduce or eliminate these hazards. Our purpose is to help your business meet current OSHA job safety and health regulations. We will provide to you a confidential, comprehensive written report containing our findings and recommendations. Additionally, we will provide follow-up consultation as necessary.

Voluntary Employer Participation
Our staff provides consultation services at your request and consent. We will meet you at your workplace and, with your guidance go through your facility and point out and explain potential health and safety hazards. You determine the scope and extent of safety and/or health services provided.

Offer A Non-Penalty Approach
Our consultants do not issue citations or penalties for violations of OSHA regulations. Our function is to identify all hazards and violations of the regulations, and provide recommendations for correction of serious hazards.

Employer Commitment to Safety and Health
Employers must be committed to eliminating serious hazards. Our consultants will assist you in this process. We are required to notify OSHA only in those instances of refusal to correct serious OSHA violations within a reasonable amount of time. Our aim is to assist you in providing a safe and healthful working environment, and we ask that all clients actively join us in achieving this goal.