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William Daniel

William Daniel
William Daniel

Eminent Farmer

County: Lake

William Daniel, Wentworth, began his farming career with his father in 1945 after graduating from Chester High School. Throughout the years, he has never been afraid of changes or technology, as evidenced by his many accomplishments.

He and his wife, Chris, have two sons, Dale and Dave, and a son-in-law, Randy Hansen, who are involved in the family operation known as Longacre Farms. The farm consists of 1,290 acres plus additional rented land. Corn is the major crop, and the operation has a cattle feedlot with a capacity of 1,300 head.

Tests for farm equipment, seed corns and a SDSU livestock feeding program have been conducted on the Daniels farm. Daniel was one of the first cattle feeders to try hormone implants, adding ammonia to corn silage, storing high moisture corn in concrete stave silos and chisel plowing as a conservation technique.

Water and soil conservation have always been high priorities on the Daniels farm. When they first moved to the farm, acres of shelterbelts were planted, making it a designated Tree Farm. Daniel earned several awards for his early soil conservation practices.

Daniel was a two-time winner of the Lake County Outstanding Farmer Award and received the 1985 South Dakota Livestock Feeder Association Award. He is also an honorary Future Farmers of America State Farmer.

He is a long-time member of the county crop-livestock association where he has served as treasurer and president. Daniel has served as the president of the Lake County Farm Bureau three times.

As a member of the National Cattleman's Association board of directors, he lobbied in Washington, D.C. for the industry and testified at hearing. He has served on many advisory committees and on the Lake County Farmers Home Administration Board.

The church is also a very important part of the Daniel's lives. As a member of the United Methodist Church, he has served on the administrative board, served as a Sunday school teacher and has been a certified lay speaker for more than 35 years.

Daniel strongly encouraged his children to attain college degrees, as he didn't have the opportunity for a college education. All four children graduated from SDSU.

The Daniels children include Julie Hansen, Wentworth; Dale, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Dave, Madison and Jerri Lilevjen, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.