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William Dailey

Mr. William Dailey
William Dailey

Eminent Farmer/Rancher

County: Moody

William Dailey was born in Mitchell, Iowa, October 11, 1855.

He came to South Dakota in 1878, and homesteaded in Moody County near Flandreau.

Two years after Mr. Dailey homesteaded in Moody County, he married Minnie Mallder.  In the beginning of their married life a new barn, which Mr. Dailey built, served as their first home, and their oldest son, Robert was born here.

Mr. And Mrs. Dailey improved the farm, added to their holdings in Moody County, and in 1932 owned 800 acres of tilled, fertile land.

Mr. and Mrs. Dailey were always interested in public affairs.  In 1878 Mr. Dailey gave land for a school on one corner of his farm, assisted with erecting the school house, and taught in the school for one year.

Mr. Dailey spent many years experimenting with seed corn, developing Dailey’s White Dent variety.

Mr. Dailey was also interested in fine stock, and specialized in Shorthorn cattle.  He won many trophies and awards as a successful cattle breeder.

Mr. Dailey was county commissioner of Moody County for eight years, school trustee, president of the Independent Lumber Company of Flandreau and president of the Farmers Independent Telephone line.  At the time of his citation, he was president of the Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Moody County, and director of the First National Bank of Flandreau.


Mr. And Mrs. Dailey had four children.


The Daileys also made a home for five orphaned boys.