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Virginia M. Vander Wal

Virginia M. Vander Wal
Virginia M. Vander Wal

Eminent Homemaker

County: Brookings

Mrs. Virginia Vander Wal has been a positive influence for many young people, and is a true leader in her community, county and state. Many children and adults have benefited from Virginia's leadership abilities. She is a graduate of SDSU with a degree in nursing and has worked at the Brookings Clinic as a nurse for many years. Vander Wal is an avid supporter of activities at her alma mater, including attending plays, concerts and Little International.

Virginia Vander Wal was a 4-H Leader for ten years. She is an active Key Leader in Clothing and Textiles; she presents many clothing workshops for 4-Hers and judges clothing exhibits at county achievement days and fairs throughout the state and the South Dakota State Fair. Virginia Vander Wal served as President of the Brookings County 4-H Leaders Association for two years. She also served on the State 4-H Leaders Association Board for three years. Vander Wal is a professional seamstress with a sewing business in her home. She is a member of the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers.

Virginia Vander Wal represented South Dakota at the National Volunteer Salute to Excellence training in Washington, DC. Virginia developed and established a countywide 4-H Leader book which is being used in Brookings County and is also a model that is being used in other counties throughout South Dakota.

Mrs. Vander Wal organized the Town N' Country Extension Club about 30 years ago. She is currently an associate member of the Brookings County Family and Community Education (FCE) club. She has held all offices in her local club. She was county Secretary of the Brookings County Farm Bureau. She served on the Brookings Hospital Board of Directors for ten years. She served as Secretary of the Board for several of those years. Vander Wal has been named "Woman of the Year" by the South Dakota Farm Bureau, and Friend of 4-H by the Brookings County 4-H.

Virginia and her husband Edward are the parents of three sons and are grandparents of three grandsons. She has made significant contributions to the farming operation of Vander Wal Farms, Inc. of which she and her husband are owners with four additional family members. Virginia assists with the corporation's bookkeeping, financial statements and decision making. She helps with vaccinating, health care, delivering calves and identifying sick animals. She also drives a silage truck during harvest. Virginia is an avid promoter of beef and the beef industry.

Virginia Vander Wal is very active in her church. She teaches Sunday School; is choir director; sings in the choir; serves on committees for Worship, Education, Evangelism, Music, and Building; is a soloist; and is also church secretary.