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Marith Nelsen Boe

Mrs. Marith Nelsen Boe
Marith Nelsen Boe

Eminent Homemaker

County: Lyman

Mrs. Nelsen Boe of Mission Hill was born in Opdahl, Norway, January 3, 1881.  She and her mother came to South Dakota in a company of immigrants in 1883.  Her father came from Norway two years later.  The family lived in Yankton for several years, in Sioux City, Iowa, for a short time, and also near Aten, Nebraska.  From the Aten school, Marith received an eighth grade diploma.


October 18, 1900, Martin married Norman A. Nelsen of Mission Hill, South Dakota.

In the spring of 1901, the Nelsens bought a quarter section of unimproved land and with patience and perseverance managed to build it into a comfortable and attractive farm.  This farm is located three miles west of Mission Hill.

The Nelsen family consisted of five boys and five girls.

Mrs. Nelsen was a member of the Extension Board of Yankton County for several years and did much to promote the organization of Extension clubs throughout the county.  She was also leader of a girls’ 4-H Club at Mission Hill.

The Nelsens were members of the Vangen Lutheran Church, both taking an active part in building the Lutheran church at Mission Hill in 1917.  Mrs. Nelsen was also president of the church’s Ladies’ Aid Society.

Mr. Nelsen died January 1, 1931.  Mrs. Nelsen and the children continued to live on the farm at Mission Hill until February 4, 1933 when Mrs. Nelsen married Jorgen J. Boe of Presho, South Dakota.  The family then moved to the Boe ranch in Lyman County.  Here Mrs. Nelsen Boe continued her church and community activities, joining an Extension Club and again serving on the County Extension Board.

Mr. Boe died in August, 1941. Mrs. Boe then returned to Yankton.