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Leonard Gaffin

Leonard Gaffin
Leonard Gaffin

Eminent Homemaker

County: Lincoln

Mrs. Leonard Gaffin of Harrisburg, South Dakota, was born on June 4, 1893. She came to South Dakota with her parents from Larchwood, Iowa, in 1911, at the age of 18.

One of nine girls, her parents lived on a farm near Canton, South Dakota, and Christine credits this early farm experience to her easy adjustment to farm life as a bride.

She married Leonard Gaffin on May 25, 1920. The couple raised two children, a son Richard and a daughter Clara.

When Mr. Gaffin died in 1944, the children were 10 and 11 years of age. Staying on the farm was difficult, but Mrs. Gaffin wanted to keep it for Richard. So she worked hard and found her dreams come true.

Mrs. Gaffin’s success as a farm operator of 400 acres of land was rewarded partially several years ago when the Sioux Falls Stockyards honored her with a “Pioneer Shipper” award. She has shipped cattle to them for 37 years. Her farm now stocks about 200 head.

In addition to being successful in farming, Christine Gaffin has been outstanding in the role for which she is being honored tonight—that of an eminent homemaker.

She became a charter member and is still active in the Springdale Extension Club. The first year she gave all the homemaking demonstrations. In addition, she was instrumental in organizing the first boys and girls 4-H Clubs in her township.

Three years ago, Mrs. Gaffin was named to a national position in home demonstration circles. She was named safety chairman of the National Home Demonstration Council. In this capacity, she conducted a safety workshop for over 40 representatives of state chapters at Michigan State University.

She taught Sunday School for five years in a community Lutheran Church, and is a member of the Methodist ladies WSCS organization.

Christine Gaffin never has time never has time on her hands. She is too busy. She has collected stamps and Ironstone dishes. She is a member of the state women’s TV Council, an organization devoted to the presentation of educational public service programs. Her library contains over 400 volumes..