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Jorgen J. Boe

Mr. Jorgen J. Boe
Jorgen J. Boe

Eminent Farmer

County: Pennington

Jorgen J. Boe of Presho was born Dec. 4, 1863, at Stryn, Nordfjord, Norway.  He came to the United States in 1881 and settled at Wells, Minnesota. From there he went to Rapid City early in 1886. In 1900 he moved to a ranch near Presho. Boe built it into a ranch of 2,500 acres and specialized in cattle, hogs, horses and poultry.  His system of farming is an outstanding example of the success of diversified farming for the country west of the Missouri river.

Boe was ranching before the railroad cam through, and his nearest trading places were fifty miles away, at Chamberlain and Fort Pierre. There was a country town by the name of Hilmoe at his ranch home, and Boe was postmaster. He also ran a small store at that place; but the town, the store and the post office, were discontinued in 1914.

Boe was married in Rapid City in 1889. His wife also came from Norway. To this marriage seven sons and one daughter were born.

Boe has had a keen interest in everything which pertains to better farming and better rural communities. He was active in getting the Vivian experiment substation established, and for many years was president of the Lyman County Fair Association. He has also been a member of the local school and township boards, and was clerk of the district 19 years. He was county commissioner for four years and served in the state legislature—two terms in the House and two terms in the Senate. In all these various capacities, Boe showed keen interest and has displayed excellent judgment and ability. 

After the death of his first wife, Boe married Marith Nelsen in February 1933.

Boe died in August 1941.