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John Schwab

John Schwab
John Schwab

Eminent Farmer

County: Day

John Schwab of Andover, South Dakota, has been the vanguard of new and innovative agricultural practices, but only after careful research and study. He practices good soil stewardship and responsible use of chemicals. He has been involved with the Crop Improvement Association and has helped to introduce a number of new and improved crop varieties.

For many years, John Schwab operated a custom harvesting operation which took him to the winter wheat growing areas of the United States. These harvest-time travels gave John an increased awareness and knowledge of winter wheat. As a result of these experiences, John Schwab was among the first farmers in the state to grow winter wheat. He was also a pioneer in the planting of sunflowers in northern South Dakota.

John has been an early supporter of state and national water development projects. He was one of the early directors on the now defunct Oahe Conservancy Sub-District; a past director of the Upper Missouri Water Users Association; and a past member of the National Reclamation Association, now known as the National Water Resource Association. Because of his concern for water development, John Schwab made numerous trips to Washington D.C. and testified before Congress on several occasions.

John's contributions to the community are, for the most part, made anonymously. He has supported the Andover City Park Project, the tennis courts, the new sidewalks in Andover, and is a member of the Andover Development Corporation.

In addition, John has also been President of the Day County Crop Improvement Association, Vice-Chairman of the state Crop Improvement Association, local School Board Chairman, a member of the SDSU President's Advisory Council, a member of the Foundation Seed Stock Board of Directors, and is active in the Catholic church. He was recognized as Premier Seedsman by the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association, and was awarded the Legion of Honor by the Catholic Order of Foresters.

With his wife Carol, the Schwabs have raised five children, three of whom are graduates of South Dakota State University. Their children include: Rita Parcel, Marie Miller, Amy Volk, Donna Schwab, and Carl Schwab.