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Inga Dickerson

Mrs. Igna Dickerson
Inga Dickerson

Eminent Homemaker

County: Turner

Mrs. Igna Dickerson of Irene, South Dakota, was recognized as Eminent Homemaker in 1929.  At that time, the Dickersons were operating a 440-acre farm near Irene.

Mrs. Dickerson attracted statewide attention for her work in farm and home beautification.  Her flower displays and demonstrations won honors at many county and state fairs.

Mrs. Dickerson aided in organizing the first Extension Club of her local district, and served as the club chairman for a number of years.  She also organized the Freya Community Club, and as its chairman managed the Freya Fair, Freya Men’s Chorus, and the Freya Danish Folk Dancers.

In September of 1950, Mrs. Dickerson was chosen to represent the South Dakota Federation of Extension Clubs at the Conference of the Associated Country Women of the World held at Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mrs. Dickerson is a member of the Lutheran Church, and served as superintendent of the Sunday school for 32 years.  She was also a member of the Young People’s Society and treasurer of the Ladies’ Aid.

The Dickerson family took an active interest in all 4-H Club work.  Mrs. Dickerson was leader of a girls’ 4-H sewing club.

Mrs. Dickerson also served as Daneville Township Clerk.