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Gordon Brockmueller

Gordon Brockmueller
Gordon Brockmueller

Eminent Farmer

County: Hutchinson

Gordon Brockmueller, 53, is a farmer, registered and certified seed grower, and Shorthorn breeder from Freeman.

Community involvement is also a major part of Brockmeuller's life. However, his involvement is not limited to farm organizations, but reaches to many other community activities.

He has served as an officer of the South Dakota Shorthorn Association and the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association. In Hutchinson County, he has held offices in the Crop Improvement Association, and the Livestock Improvement and Pork Producers Associations. He also has served as a 4-H leader.

His registered Shorthorn cattle have won many awards, and in 1975 he was selected as the South Dakota Master Feeder Pig Producer.

Brockmueller is a well-known producer of certified seed and is a member of the Southeast South Dakota Certified Seed Growers Association. In an effort to help improve farming methods overseas, Brockmueller spent time in Thailand and Brazil teaching better farming techniques.

He is active in his church, Salem Mennonite, and has served on the board of directors of Freeman Junior College and Academy.

Being active in his community is very important to Brockmueller. He is cautious about a major expansion in his farming operation, because it could mean tying himself and his energies to his occupation.

"That's one of the beauties of the profession," he said. "You do have opportunity to work in areas that are not strictly associated with making a living."

His wife Shirley also is active in community activities including the church and 4-H.

The Brockmuellers have four children all living in the Freeman area. Sons Joe and Lee, and daughter Suzanne Koerner are engaged in farming. Daughter Cindy Evenson teaches home economics at Freeman High School.