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George Hodgson

Mrs. George Hodgson
George Hodgson

Eminent Homemaker

County: Jerauld

Mrs. George Hodgson was born Nov. 22, 1898 on a farm near Neptune, Iowa. She moved with her parents to Jerauld County when she was 10-years-old. As a young woman, she taught country school several years, and met George Hodgson, also an Iowan, when he visited Jerauld County. The couple was married Dec.31, 1919, and after living on the Hodgson farm in Iowa for three years, moved to Jerauld County. They have lived southwest of Wessington Springs since.

The Hodgsons raised two children of their own and cared for two nieces through high school after their mother died. Their son, Merlin, now lives on the old home farm and the Hodgsons have moved to a nearby place where they live in semi-retirement.

Merlin, a South Dakota State College graduate, was State 4-H Leader with the State Extension Service from 1946 to 1953.

A daughter, Mrs. Robert Miller of Madison is also a graduate of State College.

Hodgson has been very active in church and community activities. She tries very hard to live each day by her Christian faith. She enjoys being very helpful to other people in every way possible. This she has done by church work, teaching Sunday School class, leading a 4-H club, being president of American Legion Auxiliary and helping on Red Cross and Cancer drives. She has done all this without thought of reward or honor. She says there is a lot in life besides financial success. She is old fashioned enough to still do her own mixing and baking and preparing food fresh from the garden.

One of her hobbies is raising flowers and making floral arrangements for community functions.