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Frericka Larson

Frericka Larson
Frericka Larson

Eminent Homemaker

County: Day

Frericka Larson, Webster, was born in Sweden Nov. 18, 1878. She attended school there, receiving the equivalent of an eighth grade education. She came to this country alone at the age of 20. She was married in 1900 to Ludwig Larson of Webster who had come to this country from Sweden 10 years before. Larson pioneered on the present site of the Larson farm seven miles north of Webster. She lost her husband by death in the influenza epidemic in 1919. Larson was left with the care of a family of six girls and two boys, the oldest a daughter of 18 years, and the youngest 8-months-old.

Life took on a different aspect now. But there was no thought of giving up the farm. Instead she and the children went to work with the aim of keeping the home intact. There were plenty of struggles though the hard and lean years. “I don’t quite see yet how we lived through it and kept the family together,” Larson says. “But I had good children and they were always willing and ready to help.” Most of the time since her husband’s death, Mrs. Larson has kept two full-time hired men. She still lives on the same farm.

Larson was a member of the first home extension club organized in the community. All of the younger children were active in 4-H club work.

Family and farm decisions have always been made in family council, with everyone having a voice. In 1943 the family as a unit purchased the adjoining 400-acre farm.

She has been a life-time member of the WCTU. She is affiliated with the local American Lutheran Church. All the children were confirmed in that church.

Larson raised 400 to 500 turkeys every year for many years and some years as many as 900.

Larson has always encouraged her children to “Look ahead, have faith in God, and hope it will be better tomorrow.” That, she says, is the simple philosophy which has enabled her to carry on through the difficult times and years and raise the family of children which are her monument.