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Francis (Anne) Feller

Francis (Anne) Feller
Francis (Anne) Feller

Eminent Homemaker

County: Miner

Mrs. Francis (Anne) Feller, 58, Howard community homemaker, was honored in 1975 as Eminent Homemaker by the Board of Regents and South Dakota State University.

The award recognizes her deep involvement in community affairs despite the fact that the Fellers also raised 12 children.

Anne has been either a 4-H mother or club leader for 25 years and has been an Extension club member for 39 years. She is in her second term as county chairwoman of the Miner County Extension Homemakers.

Parent-teacher organizations, the woman’s civic league and political organization, the cancer society and the retarded children association are examples of the activities for which she has found time over the years. She has also taught catechism and served in the altar guild for many years with her husband in the church choir.

Even her hobbies are people-oriented. She has decorated hundreds of cakes, including her own and her children’s wedding cakes. The corsages she creates are so realistic that she’s often asked to make them for special people and events.

Even though most of her children now have homes of their own, she hasn’t slowed down. As soon as one thing is over or finished, the phone rings and there is something else to be done.

Anne and Francis Feller reared their children to be a credit to their family, church, community and country. And, although she must have been busy enough, Anne Feller always found time to help other people.