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Edith Bartels

Edith Bartels
Edith Bartels

Eminent Homemaker

County: Potter

Edith Bartels has been actively involved in her community throughout her life. From promoting agriculture to raising her family, her love and leadership have left a lasting impact on South Dakota.

In 1966, Edith and her husband Louie began developing their ranch into a cattle feedlot known as Dakota Cattle Company. They operated the feedlot until 1979 when they sold the business to their son-in-law William Kellogg and foreman Lorrin Kilian.

She has actively promoted agriculture and the value of the industry. She is a member of the CattleWomen's Association on the local, state, and national level. She has held several offices in this organization, including State President and various national committee appointments.

She was chair of the National Beef Cook Off when it was hosted by South Dakota. She was also instrumental in developing and promoting the school presentations "Agriculture in the Classroom" as well as promoting beef to South Dakota Legislators.

Edith has been involved in Extension work for most of her life, holding offices in her local club and being involved at the district level.

Edith was an active 4-H member, and involved all four of her children in the program. She was instrumental in starting 4-H clubs for her children and in teaching members and, in some cases, their mothers how to sew. Some of the 4-H members in her clubs went on to become Home Economists. Edith continues to be involved in 4-H today, helping her grandchildren with various projects.

Edith is also a member and past Wroth Matron of Eastern Star and Past Guardian of Job's Daughters, as well as a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and the United Methodist Women.

Edith and her husband Louie have four children. They are Marcine Fennel of Concord, North Carolina; Ethel Kellogg of Gettysburg, South Dakota; Marion Marske of Aberdeen, South Dakota; and Owen Bartels, who is deceased.