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Charles Rasmussen

Mrs. Charles Rasmussen
Charles Rasmussen

Eminent Homemaker

County: Brown

At the time of Mrs. Charles Rassmusen’s recognition as a master farm homemaker, the Rasmussens owned a 300-acre farm near Putney, South Dakota.  The family had lived in the same community for 29 years and on the same farm for 16 years.

Mrs. Rasmussen’s farm home was modern for its time.  It was equipped with electricity, furnace, hot and cold running water, and most other modern housekeeping conveniences.  Mr. And Mrs. Rasmussen had six children.  Despite the fact that she spent a great deal of time in rearing her family and conducting the usual household duties, she found time for many other activities.  She was a regular reporter for the Groton Independent and the Aberdeen American News.  She also studied music and gave piano lessons.  Mrs. Rasmussen is a member of the Catholic Church and has been secretary of the Altar Society.  She has also been chairman of the County home Extension club, a member of the Farm Bureau Women’s Executive Board and an active member in a woman’s study club.  In 1945 the Groton Home Extension Club presented Mrs. Rasmussen with an award for 25 years service.

Mrs. Rasmussen has traveled extensively, both in this country and in Europe.  In 1936 she, with her husband and others of her family, attended the Tri-Enniel Conference of the Associated Country Women of the World, in Washington, D. C.  In 1938 she attended a meeting of the National Guild of Master Farm Homemakers in Lexington, Kentucky, and with her husband and a son continued on to Havana and Panama.

Mrs. Rasmussen attended the International Conference of the Associated Country Women of the World held in London in 1939.  After the London conference, Mr. And Mrs. Rasmussen visited Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France and Mrs. Rasmussen contributed regular articles about her trip to The Dakota Farmer and the Groton paper.

Mrs. Rasmussen attended the national meetings of the Master Farm Homemakers Guild nearly every year since she was recognized as a Master Farm Homemaker.