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Charles Ahrens

Mr. Charles Ahrens
Charles Ahrens

Eminent Farmer

County: Charles Mix

A fifty-year resident of South Dakota, Charles Ahrens farms a 1,000 acre tract six miles  northeast of Wagner, South Dakota.

Born in Kingsley, Iowa, July 17, 1889, Ahrens moved to South Dakota in 1906. He moved to his present farm in 1912.

He married Marie Timm of Wagner, South Dakota, on March 23, 1921. They reared three children, two daughters and a son. The son is on the home farm.

Ahrens has 700 acres under cultivation. He grows 200 acres of winter wheat and 220 acres of corn which is fed out to his high grade herd of cattle and pure bred Yorkshire hogs.

He is a solid believer in soil conservation and goes “heavy on legumes” to keep his soil up. He wishes he could have applied his present knowledge to his soil fifty years ago.

The entire Ahrens family are believers in 4-H club work. The children were all club members for about ten years each and all were 4-H leaders.

Ahrens has led the Wagner Blue Ribbon Crops Club since it’s beginning about fifteen years ago. He furnished a clubhouse building on this farmstead for meetings.