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Carrie H. Davis

Mrs. Carrie H. Davis
Carrie H. Davis

Eminent Homemaker

County: Spink

Carrie Richardson of Clayton County, Iowa, attended high school, went to summer school four years and taught six years.  She was married to Willis H. Davis in 1880, after which the couple moved to Huron, South Dakota.  In 1889 they homesteaded near Hitchcock, South Dakota.

The Davises owned an 800-acre stock and diversified farm and lived on the same farm for 38 years prior to 1930.  Even in the early days, the home was equipped with electricity, running water, and a hot-water furnace.

During her leisure hours Mrs. Davis sewed, read and did odd jobs that were not scheduled in the regular order of the day.  She accepted every invitation to go with the family.

Mrs. Davis added to the income by poultry raising and gardening.  She earned between $400 and $500 yearly, and always kept home accounts.

Mr. And Mrs. Davis had two children, both boys.

Mr. And Mrs. Davis trained the children in business methods and according to Mrs. Davis, “They were taught to save and never to spend all their allowance.  They were also taught to buy, what to buy and to pay cash.”

For the family recreation, there were games, books, baseball equipment, skates, sleds, wagons, pony and dogs.

The older son had a year in a private for special instruction in commercial work.  The younger son is a college graduate.

Mrs. Davis always voted at the general elections.  She was a member of the Methodist Church and Ladies’ Aid, Farm Bureau, American legion Auxiliary, was Chapter Officer of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  She was a member of the Home Extension Club since its organization and was a 4-H Club leader.