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Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson

Eminent Farmer

County: Ziebach

Carl Anderson of Dupree is a man with a never-give-up attitude who has made a success as a farmer and still remains active and interested in community and civic affairs at an age when most folks pass such assignments on to a younger generation. He was born in Minnesota, moved to South Dakota in 1889, and in 1910 was one of the first men to register a homestead claim in Ziebach County.

Through years of persistence and the pioneer courage to “stick-it-out,” the Anderson homestead grew to a prosperous 960 acre operation, beef and wheat being the main enterprises. Calvin, the Anderson’s only son, took over the farmstead in 1955. Although Carl, 78 , is now retired, he continues to be interested in the farm and spends much of his spare time helping with its operation and maintenance.

Anderson was a member of the first board of directors of the Farm Security Administration and served two additional terms after it became known as the Farm Home Administration. He helped organize the Dupree Farmers’ Elevator and was secretary of the board until 1939, when it was reorganized to form the Farmer’s Cooperative. He served as a member of the community hospital board, was active in the Clover Leaf school board for 34 years, served as chairman of the Ziebach County Extension Board from 1957 to 1960, was active in the Farmers’ Union, the County Crop Improvement Association and other civic activities. In addition, Anderson has been active in work of the First Congregational Church of Dupree.

The Andersons raised three other children—Thelma, Harry Dykstra of Vermillion, South Dakota; Ethel, Roy Mohagen of Drafton, North Dakota; and Carol, Willis Thomas, who died in 1961.

Anderson’s type of rugged individualism is still needed in every community. The progress of our generation today could well be determined by whether or not we pick up and carry the Anderson philosophy—“always looking forward.”