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Arthur Sherburne

Arthur Sherburne
Arthur Sherburne

Eminent Homemaker

County: Deuel


Mrs. Arthur Sherburne has lived on the same farm since her marriage in 1922. Mrs. Sherburne was born at Esmond, South Dakota, and moved to the Gary, South Dakota, region in 1902. Mr. and Mrs. Sherburne lost their farm during the days of the drought and depression. However, they have continued to live on the same place as renters.

The Sherburnes have two daughters.

Mrs. Sherburne’s start in 4-H work came twenty-five years ago when she assumed the leadership of the club chartered as the Thread and Thimble club, and still active under the name of Glenwood Go-Getters.

Much of the food on the Sherburne table comes from the family garden. Fruits and vegetables are supplied in the off-seasons from the supplies of canned and frozen foods which she preserves. These are jobs that she regards as necessary to the farm family.

She likes to sew—a skill she learned from her mother and has employed it in 4-H and home demonstration work. Mrs. Sherburne has made much of the clothing for herself and for her daughters. Refinishing and reupholstering furniture is another hobby that makes itself known on many of the furnishings of their home. She also enjoys reading but finds little time for it.

Mrs. Sherburne is a member of the Deuel County Extension Board and president of the Women’s Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church of Gary.