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Alfred J. Lien

Eminent Farmer

County: Charles Mix

Alfred J. Lien, who lives four miles east of Platte, South Dakota, was born December 15, 1885. He was the eldest of six children. When Alfred was eleven, his father died. At fourteen he took over the operation of the farm and at seventeen began to build the buildings which are still in use. His schooling took him only to the third grade. Mr. Lien was married November 1, 1911 to Bella Larson, a neighbor's daughter.  Five children were born to the Liens. Mr. Lien has lived on the farm since his birth. The Lien farm now consists of 680 acres of land with the finest of improvements. He also owns another farm in the community. He began raising purebred Duroc Jersey hogs in 1905 and until he abandoned the enterprise at the time of the World War II, he held thirty-six sales of breeding stock in his pavilion on the farm. At the same time he established a purebred herd of Shorthorn cattle. These animals were sold in conjunction with his hog sales. The list of Alfred Lien's service to his community and state is long. He was early known for his keen livestock judging eye. Twenty-three years ago he served as a judge for the Little International livestock judging show at State College, Brookings, South Dakota, as well as at county and state fairs and 4-H achievement shows. He has been a member of the Lutheran Church all of his life, for many years a member of the church board.  He was a member of the Darlington School District number one school board for thirty-nine years, and is still clerk. He was a member of the community AAA board eighteen years and chairman of the county AAA committee two years. Since 1947 he has been president of the Charles Mix County R.E.A. For nearly ten years, Mr. Lien has been a member of the Farmers' Home Administration advisory board and for five years was the chairman of the Farmer's Union local. He helped start 4-H club work in the community in 1923 and for ten years served as leader. He was a member of the board of directors of the Farmer's Union Grain and Livestock company for ten years after it was founded in 1910, and was reelected in 1946.