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Albert Keffeler

Mr. Albert Keffeler
Albert Keffeler

Eminent Farmer

County: Meade

Albert Keffeler, Sturgis, South Dakota, has been a leader of 13 organizations while maintaining leadership of the family ranch.

He was born on the Meade County ranch, which was homesteaded by his father in 1884. Mr. Keffeler rented the ranch after the elder Keffeler was permanently crippled in 1921. While providing for their 13 brothers and sisters, he and his brother Leo, who became a partner after finishing high school, increased the ranch to its present size.

The Albert Keffeler’s have one son, Mark, who is on the home ranch.

The ranch was incorporated this year to include the sons of both families.

Keffeler has been a promoter and an early adopter of modern farming methods in Meade County. He was among the first in the state to keep individual records on both their male and female stock. Starting ten years ago, the Keffelers have worked consistently with State College personnel, including the local county Extension agent Don Klebsch, in collecting weaning weights and final weights on gaining ability.

His philosophy that “any farmer owes the community some civic work besides his own interests,” shows up repeatedly throughout Meade County and the state. He has been president of the school board, the County Stock Grower’s Association, the Alkali Community Club, the County democratic party, the state and county Farm Bureau, the County Farmers Union, the South Dakota Performance Records Association, and last, but not least, the community polo club.

Keffeler is currently president of the County Crop Improvement Association, and is on the board of directors of the community hospital. Last spring, Governor Gubbrud appointed him to the eight-member State Welfare Commission.