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Eminent Leaders in Agriculture, Family, & Community Honorees

The Eminent Leaders in Agriculture, Family, and Community program began in 1927 with the recognition of two Eminent Farmers by South Dakota State College, now South Dakota State University. The following year, the program was expanded to with the addition of two Eminent Homemaker honorees. In the early years, the Eminent Farmer and Homemaker awards were much like honorary degrees. In the 1950s, the purpose of the program was clarified and the awards were designated as a very high honor, uniquely different from honorary degrees.

This program has been continuous since 1927 with the exception of 1942, 1943, and 1945. In 2011, the name was changed to Eminent Farmer/Rancher & Homemaker. In 2018, the full name of the award program was changed to Eminent Leaders in Agriculture, Family, and Community. The program is sponsored by the South Dakota State University Colleges of Agriculture, Food, & Environmental Sciences and Education & Human Sciences.

Hugh IngallsEminent Farmer/Rancher Meade
Janet HurlbertEminent Homemaker Clark
Rose SteeEminent Homemaker Brookings
Al MironEminent Farmer/Rancher Minnehaha
Helen SweeterEminent Homemaker Lincoln
Ida SlocumEminent Homemaker Brookings
Rebecca "Becky" WalthEminent Farmer/Rancher Walworth
Gary DuffyEminent Farmer/Rancher Kingsbury
Arlene WesselEminent Homemaker Beadle
Gary SharpEminent Farmer/Rancher Brown
Michael RandallEminent Farmer/Rancher Minnehaha
Clarice MegardEminent Homemaker Minnehaha
Michael JandreauEminent Farmer/Rancher Lyman
Marjorie KleinjanEminent Homemaker Kingsbury
Marlys Vander WalEminent Homemaker Brookings
Marvin PostEminent Farmer/Rancher Brookings
Phyllis NiemannEminent Homemaker Deuel
Jim BurgEminent Farmer/Rancher Jerauld
Gail BrockEminent Homemaker Beadle
Lewis BainbridgeEminent Farmer/Rancher Davison
Becky ConverseEminent Homemaker Kingsbury
Vernon RauschEminent Farmer/Rancher Potter
Donna RobbennoltEminent Homemaker Potter
Arnold WienkEminent Farmer/Rancher Kingsbury
Merlin Van WalleghenEminent Farmer Sanborn
Barbara TelkampEminent Homemaker Brookings
Phyllis SternquistEminent Homemaker Clay
Edward BlairEminent Farmer Meade
Mildred "Millie" GrossEminent Homemaker Lake
Rae Jean GeeEminent Homemaker Brookings
Larry GabrielEminent Farmer Haakon
Ron AlversonEminent Farmer Lake
Myron WilliamsEminent Farmer Pennington
Adele Sudlow Eminent Homemaker Brookings
John GrossEminent Farmer Lake
Beverly BurnhamEminent Homemaker Tripp
David StenbergEminent Farmer Moody
Hugh BarnettEminent Farmer Brookings
Rita BarnettEminent Homemaker Brookings
Jan RasmussenEminent Homemaker Mellette
Bart Blum Eminent Farmer Lyman
Donna SharpEminent Homemaker Brown
Clark MoecklyEminent Farmer Marshall
Aletha ProutyEminent Homemaker Hamlin
Beverly ZebroskiEminent Homemaker Sully
Robert FosterEminent Farmer Brookings
Richard ChristensenEminent Farmer Kingsbury
Ann Seely Eminent Homemaker Minnehaha
Gerald Moe Eminent Farmer Kingsbury
Paul SymensEminent Farmer Marshall
Gene HudsonEminent Homemaker Midland
Betty KnutsenEminent Homemaker Brookings
Laird LarsonEminent Farmer Clark
Geneva M. FosterEminent Homemaker Brookings
Carol E. Komes OedekovenEminent Homemaker Vale
Robert DuxburyEminent Farmer Hand
Pat BlumEminent Farmer Lyman
James Suhr Eminent Farmer Brookings
Dorothy GillEminent Homemaker Day
Benita Lakness Eminent Homemaker Hamlin
T. Loren ChristiansonEminent Farmer Deuel
Beverly WrightEminent Homemaker Spink
Clair LambertEminent Farmer Miner
Marilyn DobeshEminent Homemaker Butte
Alec VedveiEminent Farmer Kingsbury
Janice SchelskeEminent Homemaker Lyman
Marlys ChristensenEminent Homemaker Kingsbury
Pat AdrianEminent Farmer Mellette
Edith BartelsEminent Homemaker Potter
Barbara HalbersmaEminent Homemaker Brookings
Dennis HardyEminent Farmer Lincoln
Judy JensenEminent Farmer Brookings
Darleen DuffyEminent Homemaker Kingsbury
Jeannette ParkerEminent Homemaker Potter
Roland A. ChicoineEminent Farmer Union
Odeen RasmussenEminent Farmer Mellette
Darrell BishopEminent Farmer Custer
Arthur RahmEminent Farmer Spink
Carletta KilianEminent Homemaker Potter
Marcia HeinjeEminent Homemaker Roberts
Wanda M. SmithEminent Homemaker Beadle
Wallace JohnsonEminent Farmer Hand
Joanne BieberEminent Homemaker Walworth
Gale EricksonEminent Farmer Yankton
David H. BogueEminent Farmer Union
Virginia M. Vander WalEminent Homemaker Brookings
Marvin L. HaagEminent Farmer Potter
Nellie M. WilluweitEminent Homemaker Pennington
Mary A. DeurmierEminent Homemaker Charles Mix
Mervin OrgenEminent Farmer Marshall
Esther KrutzfeldtEminent Homemaker Beadle
John L. LueckeEminent Farmer Deuel
Merwyn WalterEminent Farmer Miner
Donald FieberEminent Farmer Deuel
Darrell BishopEminent Farmer/Rancher Custer
Ardeth KocourekEminent Homemaker Bennett
Dorthy NothdurftEminent Homemaker Lincoln
Shirley KrauseEminent Homemaker Deuel
Robert G. HoffmanEminent Farmer Faulk
Harold T. HurlbertEminent Farmer Clark
Bernice CuppyEminent Homemaker Faulk
William C. SchuetteEminent Farmer Hyde
Virginia AndersonEminent Homemaker Fall River
John GlausEminent Farmer Brule
Arlen BerwaldEminent Farmer Deuel
John SchwabEminent Farmer Day
Carol SchubeckEminent Homemaker Union
Lorraine ReavesEminent Homemaker Moody
Doris HeineEminent Homemaker Clay
Harold AndersonEminent Farmer Hyde
Jeanne BachandEminent Homemaker Meade
Robert W. SharpEminent Farmer Brown
Agnes PanekEminent Homemaker Lawrence
William DanielEminent Farmer Lake
Erna PutnamEminent Homemaker Douglas
Gordon BrockmuellerEminent Farmer Hutchinson
Redella RunnerEminent Homemaker Bennett
James E. BrookingEminent Farmer Sully
Chrys DanielEminent Homemaker Lake
Ernest C. OlsonEminent Farmer Hamlin
Mary HomelvigEminent Homemaker Fall River
Selmer J. AndersonEminent Farmer Deuel
John E. SuttonEminent Farmer Sully
Mary Ellen MurphyEminent Homemaker Pennington
Wendell LeafstedtEminent Farmer Union
Charlotte SeasEminent Homemaker Brookings
Wilbert BlumhardtEminent Farmer Edmunds
Emily JenningsEminent Homemaker Lawrence
Janice SnyderEminent Homemaker Meade
John W. SmithEminent Farmer McCook
Martin JorgensenEminent Farmer Tripp
Mildred AchesonEminent Homemaker Lake
Hilbert BogueEminent Farmer Lincoln
Orville K. PetersonEminent Farmer Hyde
Florine GlausEminent Homemaker Brule
Ruth E. NelsonEminent Homemaker Roberts
Oriska StroscheinEminent Homemaker Deuel
Ralph H. HansmeierEminent Farmer Day
Louise LaBayEminent Homemaker Spink
Walter H. SchwankeEminent Farmer Codington
Roland LeonhardtEminent Farmer Kingsbury
Albina ShindelbowerEminent Homemaker Hutchinson
Ingebert G. FauskeEminent Farmer Jackson
Vera FullerEminent Homemaker Ziebach
Elizabeth NaughtonEminent Homemaker Hyde
Earl AchesonEminent Farmer Lake
Paul E. BrownEminent Farmer Brookings
Viola SchuhEminent Homemaker Corson
Henry KnochenmusEminent Farmer Minnehaha
Leslie ZellerEminent Farmer Clay
Camille LandekilEminent Homemaker Moody
Laura KirschEminent Homemaker Mellette
Eugene StrainEminent Farmer Mellette
Martha KettlerEminent Homemaker Marshall
Hazel CowanEminent Homemaker Day
Roy HouckEminent Farmer Hughes
Elden (Delila) TompkinsEminent Homemaker Hyde
Richard DalyEminent Farmer Brown
Robert (Gladyce) HammerEminent Homemaker Moody
Willard BensonEminent Farmer Fall River
Leonard E. DaileyEminent Farmer Union
Vernon GoodroadEminent Farmer Deuel
Martin (Fayola) MuchowEminent Homemaker Minnehaha
Emmett (Delonde) HealyEminent Homemaker Brule
Peter H. GinsbachEminent Farmer Minnehaha
Francis (Anne) FellerEminent Homemaker Miner
William P. RauschEminent Farmer Potter
Earl EikmeierEminent Farmer Moody
Joe (Violet) BieverEminent Homemaker Fall River
Elvin E. MitchellEminent Farmer Lawrence
Delos (Genevieve) MeliusEminent Homemaker Faulk
Adele DavisEminent Homemaker Brookings
Wilbert I. SymensEminent Farmer Marshall
Vene C. EitemillerEminent Farmer Charles Mix
Selma WoodsEminent Homemaker Aurora
Harry WittEminent Farmer Hamlin
Harry (Selma) MartensEminent Homemaker Beadle
John E. SuttonEminent Farmer Sully
Ethel MilesEminent Homemaker Gregory
John E. ElsingEminent Farmer Spink
Evelyn PetikEminent Homemaker Corson
Chris (Amy) K. LarsonEminent Homemaker Butte
Warren L. WrightEminent Farmer Minnehaha
Roy NormanEminent Farmer Stanley
Arthur W. (Gyda) KellerEminent Homemaker Potter
Albert C. HauffeEminent Farmer McPherson
Pauline HagemanEminent Homemaker Fall River
T. Floyd DurlandEminent Farmer Moody
Lawrence IngallsEminent Farmer Meade
Mortimer (Catherine) CliffordEminent Homemaker Shannon
Chester (Mryl) MoeEminent Homemaker Hanson
John GaugerEminent Farmer Deuel
Margaret MastellarEminent Homemaker Walworth
George MillarEminent Homemaker Bennett
Merle HansonEminent Farmer Lincoln
Merritt FennerEminent Farmer Beadle
Harry BlairEminent Farmer Meade
Edith GuindonEminent Homemaker Aurora
Ida Marie BentleyEminent Homemaker Day
Cather ClantonEminent Homemaker Harding
Lloyd JonesEminent Homemaker Hand
Lyman G. MerryEminent Farmer Minnehaha
Allen SperryEminent Farmer Brown
Henry RippEminent Farmer Hutchinson
George (Stella) MaloneEminent Homemaker Shannon
Martin Jorgensen, Sr.Eminent Farmer Tripp
Everett (Cecelia) BaxterEminent Homemaker Hamlin
Allan WilsonEminent Homemaker Brown
Donald RiceEminent Homemaker Bennett
Fred HolscherEminent Farmer Faulk
Carl AndersonEminent Farmer Ziebach
Anton BierschbachEminent Homemaker Day
L. W. (Mike) HerronEminent Homemaker Potter
Ray BarnettEminent Farmer Brookings
Enos BlairEminent Farmer Meade
Albert KeffelerEminent Farmer Meade
Otto LaueEminent Homemaker Meade
Percy J. WallaceEminent Farmer Marshall
Matthew EvansEminent Homemaker Edmunds
Henry F HansmeierEminent Farmer Day
Louis J. BrooksEminent Farmer Bennett
Earl L. ArneEminent Homemaker Clark
Garrett C. ReynoldEminent Homemaker Sully
Frank SwopeEminent Farmer Faulk
Otto G. MeyerEminent Farmer Harding
Esther M. EvansEminent Homemaker Spink
Leonard GaffinEminent Homemaker Lincoln
Clifford RushEminent Farmer Hand
George HodgsonEminent Homemaker Jerauld
Ivan L. BarkleyEminent Farmer Fall River
Ellwood GrossEminent Homemaker Lake
H. P. GallagherEminent Homemaker Pennington
Everlett FletcherEminent Farmer Clark
Henry PreheimEminent Farmer Turner
Will J. KratochvilEminent Homemaker Union
George LarsonEminent Homemaker Kingsbury
Edward J. BaileyEminent Farmer Gregory
O. V. OlsonEminent Homemaker Beadle
Henry N. DybvigEminent Farmer Minnehaha
Bert TupperEminent Homemaker Miner
Charles AhrensEminent Farmer Charles Mix
CHarles WietingEminent Homemaker Spink
Frank CundillEminent Farmer Dewey
Ernest B. HamEminent Farmer Meade
William P. Hinckley Sr.Eminent Homemaker Potter
John WiersmaEminent Homemaker Brookings
E. G. SandersonEminent Farmer Brookings
Joseph SchenkEminent Homemaker Lawrence
Smith RobbinsEminent Farmer Codington
Arthur SherburneEminent Homemaker Deuel
Walter C. TaylorEminent Farmer Gregory
A. J. SchuelkeEminent Homemaker Brown
William RamesEminent Farmer Hutchinson
J. Rees DillonEminent Homemaker Perkins
Raymond JohnsonEminent Farmer Pennington
Joseph SuteraEminent Homemaker Bon Homme
Grace FairchildEminent Homemaker Haakon
Sampson C. ThomasEminent Farmer Bon Homme
Alfred J. LienEminent Farmer Charles Mix
T. A. JacksonEminent Farmer Fall River
Frank McHughEminent Farmer Brown
Arthur JusticeEminent Homemaker Brookings
George SissonEminent Homemaker Butte
Joseph J. CurryEminent Farmer Union
Arthur C. KelseyEminent Farmer Miner
Walter W. EicholtzEminent Homemaker Spink
Peter MoeEminent Homemaker Roberts
Henry HertelEminent Farmer Sully
R.P. JohnsonEminent Homemaker Pennington
Harald N OpdahlEminent Farmer Hamlin
John C. SchlomerEminent Homemaker Edmunds
S. C. MernaughEminent Homemaker Sanborn
Van LudwigEminent Homemaker Sully
J. F. McLoughlinEminent Farmer Davison
Edward C. SlocumEminent Farmer Campbell
Louisa F. RehfeldEminent Homemaker Brown
John MelandEminent Farmer Roberts
Fred DittmanEminent Homemaker Hyde
Henry AbildEminent Farmer Clay
H. E. BaxterEminent Farmer Hamlin
H. M. RogersEminent Homemaker Codington
John  A. ColeEminent Farmer Bon Homme
Mary E. NoldEminent Homemaker Turner
Grant W. MorsmanEminent Farmer Butte
G. W. MossingEminent Homemaker Lawrence
Frericka LarsonEminent Homemaker Day
John DaviesEminent Farmer Edmunds
Thomas H. HicksEminent Homemaker Roberts
W. F. WyattEminent Farmer Fall River
L. T. LarsenEminent Homemaker Perkins
William M. DavisEminent Farmer Beadle